Protein Bar Alternatives for Sustained Energy

Protein Bar Alternatives for Sustained Energy

We all know that we likely need more protein in our diets, whether for increased muscle recovery after a challenging workout or for more sustainable energy. It's not always easy to get quality protein, especially when it seems as though our lives are getting busier and more chaotic by the day.


"Portable proteins" are a thing, although they're not as easy as they first sound. Vegetarian and vegan lifestyles prevent the eating of meat and animal-based products, so those may not be an option. Fitness-centric protein bars are a thing, but should they be? We love the idea, but the fact is that the taste of most protein bars leaves a lot to be desired. And while raw ingredients are great, it's just not always practical.


So, what are we supposed to do to get quality proteins in a form that's both delicious, fast, and easy to eat while on the go?

Why Protein is Important for Sustained Energy

First, let's talk about why protein is so vital for long-lasting energy. Protein itself doesn't make energy. Instead, protein helps to slow down the absorption of sugar in our blood which should help prevent that dreaded energy crash. And protein itself is slow to digest, so we fill fuller longer.


Sustained energy is best achieved by keeping a balance of the level of sugar in our bodies. Too much sugar can cause energy spikes, but because it's absorbed so fast, it's inevitably followed by a pretty harsh crash. Protein acts as a buffer; when choosing "energy snacks", a healthy balance of carbs and proteins is usually best.

Protein Bars Not Your Thing? Try Nuts Instead

So now that we know why it's so important to get quality protein for energy, how can we get quality protein that tastes good and has sustainable energy? Easy — just eat nuts!


There are many different nuts, but our top three for protein content and ease of access are:


Peanuts (9.5 grams per 1/4 cup)

Almonds (7 grams per 1.4 cup)

Pistachios (6 grams per 1.4 cup)

Since nuts don't need to be cooked, are easy to eat, and are available just about everywhere from grocery stores to convenience stores, we highly recommend them as a quick and easy go-to source of high-quality, long-lasting protein.


While peanuts do need to be removed from their shells in order to enjoy their protein-packed goodness, and there is an allergy concern for some people, they maintain the highest protein content of all commonly available nuts. And fun fact — peanuts are technically a legume since they're edible seeds that are encased in a pod. But nutritionally, they're still considered a nut!

Protein? More Like Go-tein

Protein helps to keep our body running at top form thanks to its slow digestion and ability to buffer the absorption rate of sugar within the bloodstream. This provides a long-lasting energy source to keep us going throughout the day. Additionally, it's also essential for workout recoveries, weight loss, and other beneficial health functions.


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