Peanut Butter- 2oz - Box of 12
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The BOSS! Cookie®

Peanut Butter- 2oz - Box of 12

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You’d think we’d learn our lesson about creating so many different flavors and types of cookies, right? Unfortunately for you, we’re really hardheaded. But sometimes, you need to make a cookie that shows all the other cookies who’s in charge. You need a cookie that pushes the envelope, gets stuff done, and is really good at golf. Yeah… you need THE BOSS! COOKIE.

 And while it goes hard on other cookies, this soft-baked protein cookie is packed with 16g of protein, 1g of sugar, 6g of prebiotic fiber for gut health, and 1g of net carbs.

Powered by both dairy and plant protein, THE BOSS! COOKIE works hard to keep your hunger at bay while providing long-lasting satiation that works *for you*, not against you.

On Mondays, watch out! THE BOSS! COOKIE certainly has its ways, but as long as you don’t mention that it’s not wearing a tie, the day is usually pretty good.

Triple Chocolate, Chocolate Chip, and Peanut Butter variations allow THE BOSS! COOKIE to get along with just about anyone, especially until it’s had its morning cup of Joe.

“THE BOSS! COOKIE is coming?” Ok, gotta go! We were supposed to be back to work five minutes ago!