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We love our customers! That’s why we're transparent and upfront about our products and everything we do. If you have questions, please look below for answers. Can’t find what you’re looking for? Contact us, and we’ll help you out!

General Product

Vegan Products

Our Complete Cookies, Complete Crunchy Cookies, The Complete Cremes™, and Keto Cookies™ are 100% Vegan and do not contain any dairy, eggs or any animal-products, including honey.

Dietary Fiber

Lenny & Larry’s offers protein-packed, fiber fortified products that provide consumers with a delicious, fun way to increase dietary fiber in their diet. The American Heart Association suggests eating 25-30 grams of fiber a day, based on a 2,000 calorie diet for adults.  It is estimated only 20% of Americans get enough fiber.

Similar to gradually building muscle by regularly exercising over time, our bodies need to adjust to a high fiber diet. During this adjustment period, you may experience some discomfort from the dietary fiber feeding the good bacteria in your digestive system, or symptoms like bloating and excess production of gas. The duration of this adjustment period varies, but symptoms generally subside within 5-7 days. We recommend consulting your physician for questions about your fiber intake.


Our Complete Cookies, Complete Crunchy Cookies and BOSS! Cookies are not gluten free. However, our Keto Cookies and Complete Cookie-fied Bars are!


All our products are Non-GMO. Please look for the "Non-GMO Project Verified" seal on the product pages.

Fair Trade

Our cocoa suppliers practice Fair Trade laws. 

Palm Oil

We do use sustainable sources and we are certified by the RSPO (Round Table on Sustainable Palm Oil). 

Phosphorus + Potassium

We do not test for these levels. 

Cane Sugar

Our cane sugar is not processed with bone char. Our Complete Cookies, Complete Cookiefied Bar, and Crunchy Complete Cookies are 100% vegan, including each ingredients’ varying processes.

Freezing product

Our delicious cookies may be kept in the freezer for up to 6-months. 


We contract with multiple bakery partners and some are producing our product exclusively, but many are producing product that shares production lines and equipment with traditional bakery products that do contain common allergens. Of course, each bakery cleans the production line and equipment thoroughly between products, following HACCP guidelines to prevent cross-contamination, but in the bakeries where other non-Lenny & Larry product is produced, the production is not segregated or isolated to its own production line. All of our cookie manufacturers are Kosher Certified and overseen on site, so that gives us a higher level of comfort in the cleaning and ingredient management, but since the lines are not designated for our product alone, there is a potential for cross-contamination.

The Muscle Muffin® & Muscle Brownies

As of January 2020, The Muscle Muffin® and Muscle Brownies have been discontinued. As an innovative company, we continually assess our portfolio’s ability to meet consumers’ demand and we are excited to continue to offer new and exciting products.

The Cookie Crew Rewards Program

The Cookie Crew Overview
We created the Cookie Crew to reward our biggest fans. That’s you! The Cookie Crew is our rewards program that rewards you for things you already do. It’s super simple- just sign up, earn points, and redeem points for discounts off your purchase. As you earn more points, level up and unlock more exclusive rewards. Want to learn more? Check it out here!

How to sign up
Starting 01/04/202, if you’ve made an account or placed an order with us, you are earning points with each purchase. You will need to opt into the Cookie Crew rewards program to redeem those points. Here’s how to opt in:

If you already have an account with us, simply log in here. Once you log in, go to the Rewards page (hyperlink) to see how many points you have earned.

If you don’t have an account with us, simply sign up here. Fill out basic information to create an account and start earning points.

How to earn points
There are so many ways to earn points! Be sure to log into your account first. Please note that past purchases do not earn you points. You will be rewarded points for your cart total minus discounts and excluding shipping.

Make a Purchase: Earn points on every dollar spent on lennylarry,com. At the Snack Size level, earn 1 point/dollar. When you level up to Tough Cookie, earn 1.25 points/dollar. When you level up to The Boss, earn 1.5 points/dollar. Points will be added to your account after your order has been fulfilled.

Create an Account: 20 points- Just create an account here!

Referrals: 100 points- Give a friend $5 and get $5 worth of points (100 points) for every successful referral. A referral is considered successful after your friend makes their first purchase. The referral code will not work if the friend has already had a purchase on lennylarry.com. No minimum purchase amount required.

Level Up: After you spend $200, level up to Tough Cookie and earn 25 points. After you spend $500, level up to The Boss and earn 50 points.

Double Points: Earn another point per dollar when you purchase specific products when applicable.

Newsletter Sign Up: 20 points- Sign up for our newsletter

How to redeem points
If you have earned enough points to redeem a discount off your order, you will be given the option to redeem the discount at checkout. Redeem a $5 discount off your order after you earn 100 points. Redeem a $10 discount with 200 points, a $15 discount with 300 points, and a $20 discount with 400 points. The maximum you can redeem in one purchase is $20/400 points. This redemption cannot be combined with any other discount code.

Different levels
The level you are in is based on how many dollars you have spent over 12 months since entering that level. If you spend $0-199, you are in the Snack Size level. After you spend $200, you level up to Tough Cookie. After you spend $500, you level up to The Boss.

Total points won’t reset if you change levels. Your level isn’t associated with how many points you have available to redeem.

After 12 months of inactivity, all points will expire and your level will reset to Snack Size. Your account is considered inactive if you have not earned or redeemed any points within 12 months.

How referrals work
Simply send your friend or family member a referral code by sending an email or sharing your unique code on social media here. We’ll give them $5 off their first purchase on lennylarry.com, and you get 100 points for each successful referral. A referral is considered successful if the recipient uses the referral code to make their first purchase on lennylarry.com. The referral code will not work, and you will not receive any points, if the recipient has previously made a purchase on lennylarry.com or otherwise does not use the referral code with their purchase. No minimum purchase amount required.

This code does not have an expiration date and is not redeemable for cash. The entire amount of the referral code ($5) will be redeemed, even if the purchase is for less than $5. In order to redeem the referral code, a purchase must not have been made previously on lennylarrry.com

Terms and Conditions
To learn more about The Cookie Crew Terms & Conditions, please go here.

The Complete Cookie®

protein + fiber content

   •    The 2oz Complete Cookies each contain 8g of Plant-Based Proteins and 5g of Fiber.
   •    The 4oz Complete Cookies each contain 16g of Plant-Based Proteins and 10g of Fiber.

types of protein

The Complete Cookies are made with plant-based proteins:

   •    Pea Protein
   •    Rice Protein
   •    Vital Wheat Gluten

serving sizes

   •    Each 4oz Complete Cookie contains 2 servings.
   •    Each 2oz Complete Cookie is one serving.



The Complete KickStart™

Probiotics are the healthy bacteria found in food that you want living in your gut. The Complete KickStart™ contains BC30 Probiotics. Prebiotics are types of fiber that feed the friendly bacteria in the digestive system.

What are probiotics?

Probiotics are live microorganisms that live in our digestive tract.  Studies have shown that probiotics can help in supporting digestive health, immune health, and protein absorption just to name a few.

How do probiotics support immunity?

When you take a probiotic, you are introducing probiotics into your digestive tract where they can interact with your resident microbes (other microorganisms), which may help promote beneficial microbial activities and may limit the overgrowth of the bad bacteria.  This enables the microbes to help your body function properly by performing a number of beneficial phycological functions like supporting the immune system.

What is BC30?

BC30™ is short for Bacillus Coagulans GBI-30 6086®. It is a natural probiotic that is a well-recognized, functional ingredient you can find in more than 1,000 leading food and beverage products. Research shows that BC30™ may help with supporting digestive health, immune health, and protein absorption. BC30™ and Bacillus coagula’s GBI-3 6086® are trademarks of Kerry Group.

Do probiotics die if they are baked into
a bar?

BC30™ is a special type of spore forming probiotic. The spores protect them from heat.

What is the difference between prebiotics
and probiotics?

Probiotics are the healthy bacteria found in food that you want living in your gut. The Complete KickStart™ contains BC30™ Probiotics. Prebiotics are types of fiber that feed the friendly bacteria in the digestive system.

Why are whole grains important?

Multiple reputable studies have shown that eating whole grains instead of refined grains lowers the risk of many chronic diseases. Additionally, whole grains can be a good source of nutrients your body needs, such as fiber, iron, zinc, and Vitamin B.

Health Benefits by Whole Grains Council, Source of Nutrients by Whole Grains Council

How many whole grains do I need in a day?

The most recent Dietary Guidelines for Americans, released in January 2020, recommend that all adults eat at least half their grains as whole grains, which means 3 to 5 servings of whole grains. For children, it is recommended that they eat 2 to 3 servings or more of whole grains.

To have at least 3 servings of whole grains, you can eat three “ounce-equivalents” of breads, rolls, cereals or other grain foods made with 100% whole grains, or six “ounce- equivalents” made with an equal mix of whole and refined grain. For reference, a slice of bread or a serving of breakfast cereal usually weighs about an ounce. The Complete KickStart™ contains about half an ounce of whole fiber per bar.

Whole Grains Council

When can I eat KickStart?

With 8g of plant-based protein, probiotics to support immune health, and 14g of whole grains to provide energy, The Complete KickStart™ is good to start your day right, whenever that may be.

Can I give KickStart to my

Yes, you can feed The Complete KickStart™ to your kids

What is the serving size?

1 bar per serving

How much protein does it contain?

8g of plant-based protein per serving

What types of protein are used?

The Complete KickStart™ contains a plant-based protein blend of pea protein and vital wheat gluten

What is the ingredient that helps support
a healthy immune system?

500 million BC30™ probiotics

How much whole grain does it contain?

14g of whole fiber per serving

How much fiber does it contain?

4g of fiber per serving

How much sugar does it contain?

6g of sugar per serving

Is it vegan?

Yes, The Complete KickStart™ is vegan

Is it gluten free?

No, The Complete KickStart™ is not gluten free. It includes vital wheat gluten.

Is it non-GMO?

Yes, The Complete KickStart™ is Non-GMO Project Verified

What is the shelf life?

12 months

The Complete Cookie-fied Bar™

Protein + Fiber Content

Each bar contains 12g of plant-based protein and 5g of prebiotic fiber.

Types of Protein

The Complete Cookie-fied Bar is made with plant-based proteins:

   •    Brown rice protein

   •    Pea protein

Serving Sizes

Each 1.59oz bar is one serving.

Yes, our Complete Cookie-fied Bar is small... but it's mighty! We have 12g of protein and 5g of fiber packed into a 45-gram bar - other bars like Larabar and KIND are the same size. We are confident that our small bar will satisfy your big snack attacks and sweet cravings. Size doesn't matter 😉

Shelf Life

12 months

The Complete Cremes®


Back by popular demand, The Complete Cremes® are here to stay! The Complete Cremes® are better-for-you sandwich cookies with a creamy filling and made with 5 grams of plant-based protein, 3 grams of prebiotic fiber, and 1/3 less sugar than the leading sandwich cookie brand (per serving size).


A 5.71oz box includes 12 cookies. A 2.86oz pack includes 6 cookies.



2 cookies per serving



5g of protein per serving

A 5.71oz box includes 12 cookies, which is 6 servings. This box has 30g of protein.

A 2.86oz pack includes 6 cookies, which is 3 servings. This pack has 15g of protein.



The Complete Cremes® are made with a plant-based protein blend of vital wheat gluten and pea protein



3g of fiber per serving



Our cookies have 1/3 less sugar than the leading sandwich cookie brand per serving size. Because the serving sizes are different, we used 30g of cookies as the benchmark serving size. 30g is the amount of food the FDA considers to be the Reference Amount Customarily Consumed (RACC) for cookies. When comparing our cookies to the leading sandwich cookie brand per 30g serving, our cookies have 1/3 less sugar per serving.

The Complete Cremes: Sugar (7g) per serving (27g) = 0.26 // Sugar per serving (0.26) multiplied by RACC (30g) = 7.78

The Leading Sandwich Cookie Brand: Sugar (14g) per serving (34g) = 0.41 // Sugar per serving (0.26) multiplied by RACC (30g) = 12.35

(7.78/12.35) -1 = 37%. Our cookies have 1/3 less sugar per serving than the leading sandwich cookie brand



Yes, The Complete Cremes® are Certified Vegan



No, The Complete Cremes® are not gluten free. They include vital wheat gluten.



Yes, The Complete Cremes® are Non-GMO Project Verified




The Complete Crunchy Cookies

protein + fiber content

   •    The 1.25oz single serving packs each contain 6g of Plant-Based Proteins and 4g of Fiber. 
   •    The 4.25oz resealable bags each contain 20g of Plant-Based Proteins and 14g of Fiber

types of protein

The Complete Crunchy Cookies are made with plant-based proteins:

   •    Pea Protein
   •    Rice Protein
   •    Vital Wheat Gluten

serving sizes

   •    The 1.25oz packs are single serving and each contain 6-7 cookies.
   •    The 4.25oz resealable bags are 3 servings and each contain 20-21 cookies.



Keto Cookie™

New & Improved Keto Cookie

We're always looking for ways to be even better. When we heard your feedback about our Keto Cookies, we knew we had to reformulate them. Our new Keto Cookie now has 9g of plant-based proteins (instead of 8g) and an improved texture and taste. You'll love how the cookie is sweeter, has a stronger chocolate chip or peanut butter flavor, and has a moister texture so it doesn't break like before. Each cookie still has 3g of net carbs and 1g of sugar.

The new and improved Chocolate Chip Keto cookie has a touch of peanut butter added in.

Protein + Fiber Content

Each Keto Cookie™ contains 9g of Plant-Based Proteins and 5g of Fiber.

types of protein

Keto Cookies™ are made with plant-based proteins:

   •    Pea and almond protein blend
   •    Grain free flour blend (lupin, flour, arrowroot flour)

serving sizes

Each 1.60oz Keto Cookie™ is one serving. 



Net Carb Calculation
   •    Chocolate Chip Keto Cookie™ // 3g net carbs = 15g carbs – 5g fiber – 7g sugar alcohol
   •    Peanut Butter Keto Cookie™ // 3g net carbs = 14g carbs – 5g fiber – 6g sugar alcohol

Sugar Alcohol

Using sugar alcohol (organic erythritol) allows us to deliver sweetness while managing total carbohydrates and total sugars in our low-carb Keto Cookie™.

Coconut Flavor Discontinuation

Even some good things come to an end. We have discontinued the Coconut flavor of our Keto Cookie™. Some other retailers might be selling the Coconut flavor until they run out, but there are currently no plans to continue production for this flavor.

The BOSS! Cookie

1 cookie per serving

18g of protein per serving

The BOSS! Cookie is made with dairy and plant-based proteins

6g of prebiotic fiber per serving

Only 1g of sugar

No, the BOSS! Cookie is not vegan. It contains milk.

No, the BOSS! Cookie is not gluten free. It contains wheat.

Yes, BOSS! Cookie uses non-GMO ingredients



B2B Wholesale Program

Lenny & Larry's is happy to offer a B2B wholesale program designed for smaller establishments like convenience stores, bodegas, fitness studios, juice bars, etc. There are specific terms and policies your company must meet before being approved to become a wholesale account. Please visit our Wholesale Sign Up page for more details. Please reach out to sales@lennylarry.com if you are a larger footprint retailer, multi-store chain or a distributor.


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Order Process

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Customers are responsible for making sure that the discount code is inputted and valid before completing their orders.

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Return Policy

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Our 30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee excludes issues relating to personal preference regarding taste or texture.

Purchased at Retailer

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P.O. Boxes

Unfortunately, we are unable to ship to any P.O. Box.

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Incorrect Address

Lenny & Larry's is not responsible for any lost package that is incorrectly addressed due to customer error. We generate our shipping labels from the information the customer provides, so if you enter an incorrect or incomplete address (incorrect zip code, missing apartment / suite / office number / name) and your package is lost, Lenny & Larry's is not responsible. If you enter your address incorrectly on our website and need it re-routed by UPS to the correct address, you will be charged a minimum UPS fee of $13.90 to cover the rerouting costs. UPS fuel surcharge fees may also apply and the total amount charged will vary depending on the actual distance that the package is rerouted.If you have inputted the incorrect address on your order, CANCEL your order immediately by logging into your account. Then, place your order again using the correct address. Once your package is processed and shipped, we cannot make any more modifications to your shipment. 

International Shipping

We currently do not ship internationally. If you are interested in carrying Lenny & Larry’s products internationally, please email us at help@lennylarry.com