The Cookie Crew Overview

We created the Cookie Crew to reward our biggest fans. That’s you! The Cookie Crew is our rewards program that rewards you for things you already do. It’s super simple- just sign up, earn points, and redeem points for discounts off your purchase on lennylarry.com. As you earn more points, level up and unlock more exclusive rewards. Want to learn more? Check it out here.

How to sign up

Starting 01/04/202, if you’ve made an account or placed an order with us, you are earning points with each purchase. You will need to opt into the Cookie Crew rewards program to redeem those points. Here’s how to opt in:

If you already have an account with us, simply log in here. Once you log in, go to the Rewards page to see how many points you have earned.

If you don’t have an account with us, simply sign up here. Fill out basic information to create an account and start earning points.

How to earn points

There are so many ways to earn points! Be sure to log in to your account first. Please note that past purchases do not earn you points. You will be rewarded points for your cart total minus discounts and excluding shipping.

Make a Purchase: Earn points on every dollar spent on lennylarry.com. At the Snack Size level, earn 1 point/dollar. When you level up to Tough Cookie, earn 1.25 points/dollar. When you level up to The Boss, earn 1.5 points/dollar. Points will be added to your account after your order has been fulfilled.

Create an Account: 20 points- Just create an account here!

Referrals: 100 points- Give a friend $5 and get $5 worth of points (100 points) for every successful referral. A referral is considered successful after your friend makes their first purchase. The referral code will not work if the friend has already had a purchase on lennylarry.com. No minimum purchase amount required.

Level Up: After you spend $200, level up to Tough Cookie and earn 25 points. After you spend $500, level up to The Boss and earn 50 points.

Double Points: Earn another point per dollar when you purchase specific products when applicable.

Newsletter Sign Up: 20 points- Sign up for our newsletter

How to redeem points

If you have earned enough points to redeem a discount off your order, you will be given the option to redeem the discount at checkout. Redeem a $5 discount off your order after you earn 100 points. Redeem a $10 discount with 200 points, a $15 discount with 300 points, and a $20 discount with 400 points. The maximum you can redeem in one purchase is $20/400 points. This redemption cannot be combined with any other discount code. Only one discount code per order. Reward points cannot be redeemed if checking out via ShopPay.

Different Levels

The level you are in is based on how many dollars you have spent over 12 months since entering that level. If you spend $0-199, you are in the Snack Size level. After you spend $200, you level up to Tough Cookie. After you spend $500, you level up to The Boss.

Total points won’t reset if you change levels. Your level isn’t associated with how many points you have available to redeem

After 12 months of inactivity, all points will expire and your level will reset to Snack Size. Your account is considered inactive if you have not earned or redeemed any points within 12 months.

How Referrals Work

Simply send your friend or family member a referral code by sending an email or sharing your unique code on social media here. We’ll give them $5 off their first purchase on lennylarry.com, and you get 100 points for each successful referral. A referral is considered successful if the recipient uses the referral code to make their first purchase on lennylarry.com. The referral code will not work, and you will not receive any points, if the recipient has previously made a purchase on lennylarry.com or otherwise does not use the referral code with their purchase. No minimum purchase amount required.

This code does not have an expiration date and is not redeemable for cash. The entire amount of the referral code ($5) will be redeemed, even if the purchase is for less than $5. In order to redeem the referral code, a purchase must not have been made previously on lennylarrry.com

Terms & Conditions

To learn more about The Cookie Crew Terms & Conditions, please go here.