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The Complete Cookie®

Chocolate Chip

The Complete Cookie®

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The Complete Cookie®


The complete Crunchy cookies

Chocolate chip

"I wasn't sure how well these would taste.. since they virtually have no ingredients to make "real" cookies. But they're really fluffy and taste almost better than "normal" cookies. I Already bought 3 boxes after tasting just one of these beautiful things."
Jan R. | Portland, Oregon
"Lenny & Larry's cookies are a mainstay in our house. My 18 year old son includes one as part of his post workout training because of the high protein, no soy and all around great taste. The rest of us enjoy them as a somewhat guilt free snack."
Halley B. | Austin, Texas
"Really tasty, really filling, and really fresh! I eat these for lunch with a coffee or iced tea and they keep me full all day. With all the fiber and protein, I have the cookie at 12:30 pm and don’t get hungry until 7:00 pm."
Prince L. | Los Angeles, California

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Chocolate Chunk

2oz - Box of 12

The BOSS! Cookie is a convenient source of dairy and plant-based proteins. Loaded with 18g of protein, but with 1g of sugar, this cookie will show your hunger who's The BOSS!

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The complete crunchy cookie

Variety Pack

1.25oz • 13ct box

Snack friendly and delicious, you won’t believe the amount of clean plant-based proteins and fiber they contain. The Crunchy Variety Pack includes (7) Chocolate Chip and (6) Double Chocolate 1.25oz bags 

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Keto Cookie™

Variety Pack

1.6oz • 16ct box

A tasty cookie with low net carbs and packed with plant-based protein to keep your macros on track Lenny & Larry's Keto Cookie Variety Pack includes: (8) Keto Chocolate Chip Cookies and (8) Keto Peanut Butter Cookies.

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the complete cookie®

breakfast variety pack

4oz • 13ct box

A convenient source of plant-based proteins that taste downright delicious. The Breakfast Variety Pack includes: (4) Chocolate Donut, (3) Apple Pie, (3) Lemon Poppy Seed, and (3) Oatmeal Raisin.

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