Better for You Snack Trends: Easy, Inexpensive Snacks

Better for You Snack Trends: Easy, Inexpensive Snacks

We’ve been there, too.

You’re making it through a long day in the office, in the classroom, or in the gym. You’ve come home and are ready to unwind with a delicious and refueling snack option. You open the cabinet or fridge, but cannot find the quick, easy, and better-for-you snacking option you’re craving.

Easy, inexpensive snacks that are better for you can perpetually seem just a little out of reach. But what if it didn’t have to be this hard?

Snacks can taste good and be good for you. They don’t have to take a major portion out of your weekend or weeknight to prep and prepare. We firmly believe that delicious and better-for-you choices are not just probable but possible.

Don’t believe us? Whether you are an active health enthusiast or a novice foodie, we’ll show you our insider tips on easy, better-for-you snacks to buy.


What makes a snack better for you?

In order to make smarter, healthier snack choices, we first need to learn more about what it means for a snack to be considered better for you.

As you’re likely well-aware, health experts across the diet and nutrition spectrum have various opinions on what the foods are better for you. However, some key tips are essentially indisputable. When looking to buy a snack that is better for you, make sure to:

Look for the label

As a rule of thumb, check two areas on the nutrition label to see the possible health benefits or consequences of your snack choice.

  • Look at the ingredient list. The less ingredients on a label that you cannot identify (or even pronounce!), the better.
  • Check the nutrition facts. Does it have more than the daily suggested amounts of sugar? Does it have a disproportionate amount of sodium or carbohydrates for your daily allowance?

Many unhealthy health slip ups can be avoided by taking time to read a few key details. And? If the item you’re considering doesn’t have a label, that might even be best. When’s the last time you had to check for artificial ingredients in your broccoli or see if it warned of high carb levels?

Consider the complexity 

To find good snacks that are better for you, remember one more word: speed. This doesn’t necessarily mean the speed of the item to be produced or the speed in which you can consume your snack of choice. It reminds us of the speed of the nutrients of the item when reaching our body.

Avoid unhealthy snacks that are “simple”—that have simple carbohydrates that spike our blood sugars, such as cakes, starches, processed white bread, and other quick treats. We want to look for complex combinations of various nutrients, snacks that involve the key three: carbs, fats, and proteins.

If the snack you’re considering is overly processed and monopolizing only one key area, it might not be the ideal snack to buy.


What are my easy, better-for-you snack options?

Snacking that is better for you doesn’t mean you eat only spinach leaves and carrot sticks. Easy and better-for-you snacks can be delicious, really good, and really good for you. Consider great snacking options from any of the categories:

Gluten Free Grabs

Gluten may be associated with increased inflammation and cause disruption to gut health. Choosing low-gluten or no-gluten options can provide you with solid snack choices that leave you feeling energized and enlivened.

  • Cucumber quinoa salad
  • Flavorful street corn
  • Crisped sweet potatoes
  • Gluten-free Keto Cookiesor the new Complete Cookie-fied BarTM

High Fiber Heroes

One of our favorite, lesser-known health agents is fiber. Fiber, due to its nutritional matrix, can help fill you up faster and keep you fuller longer. Snacks high in fiber can help you last the long run in your snacking game.

  • Garlic hummus and veggies
  • Chia seed-tossed edamame
  • Apples or berries
  • Black bean salsa and baked chips

Convenient (Delicious) Snacking

If you’re craving something convenient and delicious, it doesn’t mean you have to compromise health. Convenient treats can satisfy both your taste buds and your body’s nutritional needs.  

  • Peanut butter with bananas
  • Ice-cream alternatives (such as coconut or almond)
  • Fruit leather

We’re so passionate about convenient, better-for-you snacks that we put our passion to work. Straight from the kitchens of Lenny & Larry, the originators of the Complete Cookie®, comes our new Complete Cookie-fied BarTM. Offering a unique texture contrast of crunchy cookie pieces in a bar packed with 12g of plant-based protein, 5g of prebiotic fiber, and 6g sugar, this delicious new snack will be a welcome replacement for other snack bars.

And we don’t skimp on flavor. Explore any of our options, including Chocolate Almond Sea Salt, Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip, and Cookies & Creme (coming soon)!


What if I’m looking for something specific?

We hear your situation. Here are our top suggestions for commonly requested better-for-you snacks to buy.

Snacks on the go

Grabbing a snack for the road is something we all need. Consider these snacking ideas:

  • Whole-grain toast with everything bagel seasoning
  • A serving of string cheese or cottage cheese
  • Kale chips crisped with olive oil
  • Trail mix with dried fruit and dark chocolate
  • Apples and almond butter

Inexpensive, easy snacking that is better for you doesn’t have to be baffling. With options from a bag of apples to a delicious and fun Cookie-Fied BarTM, you can come home and be both happy and healthy through your snack choices.

Why not get started? Start exploring our Lenny & Larry’s snacking options today and make strides towards a healthier, happier lifestyle.