Lenny & Larry's First National Ad Campaign

Lenny & Larry's First National Ad Campaign
kastner, widely known as the AOR for Red Bull, announces its new partnership with Los Angeles-based cookie company, Lenny & Larry’s. The new partnership marks Lenny & Larry’s first-ever advertising agency hire and today it launches its first-ever national campaign, Taste Buds
As a new creative partner, award-winning Kastner brings a fresh set of eyes to the brand, providing a unique culturally relevant point of view to its creative assets. 
The protein cookie originators revolutionized the snacking industry with protein-and-fiber packed delicious cookies. Since inception, Lenny & Larry’s has been a cult favorite in the fitness community and become part of the sought-after Millennial grocery list. To broaden its national footprint, the company went in search of content disruptors.
“Lenny and Larry’s is about bringing delicious, fun, plant-based protein-packed treats to everyone. We are excited for consumers to further interact with our brand via Taste Buds, in a new and entertaining way that lives wherever they are -- the gym, the grocery aisle or watching digital and social media,” says Megan Crossland, Vice President of Marketing. “Kastner exceeded our expectations. Taste Buds breaks through traditional advertising to not only sell, but entertain and make people laugh.”
Taste Buds depicts the playful relationship between flavor and friendship – when two people with great taste meet, they instantly become taste buds. Created and produced by Kastner, Taste Buds marks Lenny & Larry’s first-ever national campaign and will be distributed across popular and craved media platforms like Hulu and Buzzfeed’s “Tasty.”
“At Kastner, game recognizes game… and Lenny & Larry’s changed the snack game! Swirled, twirled, and flipped it on its head,” says Brandon Rochon, Kastner CEO. “As its first creative partner ever, we needed and wanted to bring Lenny and Larry’s into new conversations that are shaping culture and becoming part of people’s lives.”
Rochon continues, “Taste Buds is a beautifully simple campaign that allows for endless storytelling. You know you’re on to something powerful when you can imagine how much the concept will progress two, three, ten years down the road. Hopefully we’ve made something that will infiltrate pop culture and put Lenny and Larry’s on the tip of everyone’s tongue.”
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