Forbes: Junk Food, Minus The Junk

Forbes: Junk Food, Minus The Junk

There’s nothing like a game night, or girls’ night in, or movie night, or really any kind of chill kickback, alone or with friends. And it’s just not the same without snacks aplenty. 

Usually, those snacks are the kind of vending machine favorites that many of us would eat with abandon as kids, only restricting ourselves as we got older and started to worry about stuff like health and fitness, not to mention pesticides and food systems and the environment. I’m talking about the “so good, so bad” stuff, like potato chips, cheese puffs, cheese crackers, tortilla chips, pre-packaged cheesy popcorn—the works. 

But just because we have health and ethical concerns doesn’t mean that we don’t still need to snack. And sometimes we crave those carby, crunchy, salty, cheesy flavors we’ve grown up with. 

Fortunately, a slew of food companies have recognized this opening for healthier snacks with well-sourced ingredients that still satisfy our junk food cravings. Even the most basic of snacks, like potato and tortilla chips, have gotten a modern makeover.

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