Why Food (And Cookies) Are The Best Holiday Gift

Why Food (And Cookies) Are The Best Holiday Gift
What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think about the holidays? It could be endless holiday songs playing in grocery stores or malls. Maybe it’s the upcoming ski trip or travel plans. It might even be holiday parties. 
For many of us, we first think of family. Or friends. We remember good times. We recall laughter. Maybe we regret using the ugly sweater theme for our holiday photo. Plenty of our minds first go to food. And for good reasons.

Food has an extraordinary place in our lives. And there might not be a time when this is on display more so than the holidays. What we decide to eat is about more than just filling our bellies. It gives us life. And it reflects our lives. Food plays a very functional role in fueling our bodies and keeping us healthy. But it is also a symbol of our families, who we are, and what we hold important. This is never truer than during the holidays.
Do you have a turkey or a roast? Is your pie pumpkin or sweet potato? Does your latte taste like peppermint chocolate or gingerbread?

reasons why food is the best holiday gift

We decided it would be fun to explore some of the reasons food makes for such a great holiday gift.

it’s affordable 

Sure, you can spend hundreds of dollars on a steak that is imported from another planet and aged for a century. But you can also give a really meaningful food gift that goes a long way for a small price.
Maybe a gift card to a local restaurant or a kitchen tool that can be used for years.
The holidays can get expensive with travel, time off work, and a variety of other expenses. Providing an inexpensive option is a huge reason food makes for an ideal holiday gift.

it’s universal 

Everyone eats, right?
Now, some of us are bigger on food than others. One person seasons and marinates their meat for days while another simply adds a dash of salt.
But everyone—to one extent or another—loves food.
It makes it the universal gift. As long as you mind the ever-growing list of allergies, you really can’t go wrong with gifting food.

it’s accessible

Finding that ultra-limited series book or the perfect cut of diamond can be a little tricky.
But food gifts can be found just about anywhere. You can pick them online or simply go to the nearest grocery store.
Not worrying about where to discover that rare item is one reason food makes for such great holiday gifts. Food is really easy to access. 
Your holiday to-do list is already long enough, right?

it’s for all ages

It doesn't matter if you are buying a gift for the youngest in the family or the oldest. Food is excellent for all of us. Even the in-betweeners—like teenagers or mid-lifers—love getting food as a gift.
The littlest ones will beam with excitement over a bag of candy. Our parents and grandparents will love that homemade pie or imported coffee.
We couldn't think of another gift idea that defies the boundaries of age as food does. And a gift that transcends generations is a pretty solid reason for being a great idea for holiday giving.

cookie gift ideas 

We have spent all this time sharing about how great food is as a gift. Now, it's time to give you some concrete ideas on what to give.
Lenny & Larry’s loves offering you a healthy cookie as much as we love giving you a holiday cookie.
Our love and effort has gone into providing the most fantastic flavors of the holiday—packed full of the health and nutrition we bring to all our cookies.
But our complete cookie holiday collection is only available for a limited time.
Stock up quick to maintain that holiday vibe. Or grab a few different flavors to use as a gift!

pumpkin spice 

It’s got pumpkin. It’s got spice. And you know what’s nice?
It’s also got 16 grams of plant-based proteins!

Our pumpkin spice complete cookie makes for the perfect food gift. It will conjure sweet memories with family and friends while providing a rich and creamy taste—just like a pumpkin pie.
You can even send a whole box of these cookies as a gift. That’s like 12 gifts in one!   


We have gone beyond the cute gingerbread-man-shaped cookie with our gingerbread complete cookies.
You can enjoy a traditional holiday classic flavor—with molasses, brown sugar, and ginger—without the high fructose corn syrup or artificial sweeteners. And it is totally non-GMO Project Verified.

All of our Complete Cookies make the perfect gift for your vegan friends—because, yup, they’re ALL VEGAN!

peppermint chocolate

The chocolate is rich and decadent, and the mint is fresh and light. It’s a relationship that stands the test of time—balanced and delicious.

Our peppermint chocolate complete cookie is the perfect gift for those family and friends in your life that desire a little extra mint kick to their indulgence.  


holiday variety pack

We know, sometimes, it's really just too difficult to decide between one amazing thing and another equally amazing thing.
That’s why we put the entire Complete Cookie Holiday Collection in one holiday variety pack!
All of our holiday collection cookies come in beautiful gift boxes, and the Variety Pack is no exception.

This gift box is so gorgeous you won’t even need wrapping paper when you gift it.

enjoy giving the holiday collection as a gift

Add a bunch of fun (and nutrition) to your gift-giving this year. And remember that all of our Complete Cookies have 16 grams of protein and 10 grams of fiber. That’s a hardy holiday treat.
Our cookies use no soy, no dairy, no egg, no artificial sweeteners. We also stick to sustainable palm oil and remain non-GMO Project Verified.
Your vegan and kosher friends can also enjoy these bountiful gifts.

Shop the entire complete cookie holiday collection today for a limited time only!