Vegan-friendly Creme-filled Cookies?

Vegan-friendly Creme-filled Cookies?

There are few things in life as delightful as taking a savory bite of a creme-filled cookie. Since most of us were kids, we likely have very fond memories of getting home from school and enjoying milk and cookies as an after-school snack. That special time shared with loved ones was about as pure as happiness can get.

Fast forward to adulthood, and those fond memories are replaced with calorie counting and a disdain for lactose. Boy, do times change. And while we should certainly be mindful of the things that we put into our body, we gotta say — oh how we wish we were kids again! The simplicity of creme-filled cookies was that you knew exactly what you were getting. A crunchy, rich, and flavorful pair of cookies sandwiched together with a sweet, creamy center. Depending on how many cookies were left, we might twist off one of the cookies to eat first while savoring each second before quickly devouring the creme-holding cookie. It was innocence personified, it was a highlight moment of our day... honestly, it was downright magical.

Not All Cookies Are Created Equal

That thought is bittersweet — both because we likely no longer have that youthful metabolism and milk and cookies have become a "cheat day" food choice. But what if we could eat those same delicious creme-filled cookies without the guilt? What if, even just for a moment, we could take a trip back to our childhood and enjoy those wonderful cookies and reexperience that special time?

Well, we've got good news and bad news. The good news is that we can finally take that reminiscent bite of childhood, lightly dipped in a cool glass of whatever milk or milk alternative we please. Lenny & Larry's The Complete Cremes® are back and more satisfying than ever before. Each delectable bite you take will conjure up the days when life — no, the whole world — was much more simple. And unlike the cookies we remember as kids, these little guys have a trick up their sleeves!

The bad news? You're probably going to be asked to share. You've been warned.

The Competition

There's a good chance that when we were young, we weren't vegans. But as time progresses and lifestyle choices change, enjoying certain foods gets a bit tougher, especially when we first transition to a strictly vegan diet. Foods are different, restaurant choices are limited, and culinary creativity takes on a whole new meaning. And those childhood cookies we talked about earlier? Yeah, totally not vegan. But The Complete Cremes®, available in both chocolate and vanilla flavors, is completely vegan. Yes, you read that right — now anyone can enjoy a tasty trip down memory lane regardless of their dietary requirements.

At a time when everything is chaotic and uncertainty is seemingly all around us, we have to celebrate the small moments of peace and tranquility however we can.

Creme Is Great, But It's All About the Filling

Not only are these delicious cookies vegan and oh-so-delicious, each six-pack of cookies contains 15g of plant-based protein and 9g of prebiotic fiber. The Complete Cremes® offers a sweet snack on the go while still containing 1/3 less sugar than the leading brand (per serving size). Perfectly portable snacking meets

Also, we've got a confession to make. In addition to being vegan, they're also Non-GMO Project Verified and free of soy, high fructose corn syrup, and artificial sweeteners. Trust us, we couldn't believe something so delicious could be so good for you, either.

Vegan-Friendly Creme-filled Cookies

The verdict is in — The Complete Cremes® are a huge hit! It's not often that we can have our cookie and eat it, too. At Lenny & Larry's, we continuously strive to provide healthy and nutritious cookies that are so delicious you might not believe they're good for you. No longer do we have to settle for less-than-desirable protein bars that we force ourselves to eat in between meals or as a pre and post-workout snack.

And don't forget, we want as many people to enjoy The Complete Cremes® as possible. Ditch the sugary, non-vegan alternatives. The future of cookies is here and it's delicious.