Tips And Workouts For Staying Fit While Working From Home

Tips And Workouts For Staying Fit While Working From Home
There have been many great migrations in the world's history. Dinosaurs moved from one continent to another. Human settlers roamed from one new land to the next. It seems there has recently been another great migration—from working at the office to working from home. More people than ever are exchanging three-piece suits for sweatpants. Our dinner tables and beds are being converted to an office or desk. With many gyms, parks, and beaches closed, our homes are also becoming our new work out space.
This past year has been filled with rare and odd challenges. And our exercise routines are no exception.
Remaining indoors most of the day can take a toll on our will power and ability to maintain healthy habits for staying fit. We wanted to seize the opportunity to explore some tips and ideas to help you take advantage of your home workouts.
(Afterall, it's easier to work out in our sweatpants than a suit anyhow, right?)

some quick tips to keep in mind

A good workout starts with a decent stretch, yeah? We thought we would stretch a little (sometimes literally) before jumping into the workouts.
Here are a few healthy tips that will fine-tune your work-from-home days.


get right to it

Try getting in some cardio first thing in the morning. This will amp up your metabolism before breakfast.
You could even snag a few bites of our complete cookie to give you an extra protein boost to fuel a quick cardio session to start your day.

use alerts for standing and stretching

Maybe you have a high-tech watch that can be set to offer reminders to stand, stretch, or move throughout the day. Otherwise, you can use a traditional stopwatch or timer or alarm to set regular alerts (maybe every hour or so).
Use these alerts as reminders to take a short walk to the kitchen or backyard to provide a bit of movement. Or use them to stand and stretch your back and neck after sitting at the desk.

throw a dance party

You know we like to have fun at lenny & larry’s. That’s why we love this tip.
Even if it’s just a dance party with yourself, take a moment (or two to three) and turn up the tunes to shuffle your feet or swing those arms.
Even a quick few minutes with a hot jam can elevate your mood, add movement, and healthily increase your heart rate.

mind the food

Working from home is a big adjustment for all of us—and it’s not without interruptions to our traditional routines. Maybe you had a planned lunch break every day, or you only brought healthy snacks to the office.
Perhaps you just didn’t have 24/7 access to your full pantry of food while out of the house.
It’s become too easy to skip lunch or snack on high-calorie foods throughout the day. We recommend keeping your fridge and pantry stocked with healthy and nutritious foods.
our plant-based and protein-rich cookies will give you all the healthy energy you need to stay fit—and take advantage of the next section on home workouts.   

home workout ideas

Here are some ideas for at-home exercises to keep you fit during these strange times.
These exercises are designed with minimal to no gym equipment (unless you consider a chair gym equipment).

structured walks

Some of us can still walk the neighborhood or backyard, but it’s not the case for everyone. And sometimes it’s just too cold to go outside.
You can still get in those steps.
Set a timer for 15-20 minutes. This will allow to focus on the exercise and have a better idea of how much you've accomplished. It'll also give you a way to ramp up future workouts with 30- or 45-minute intervals.
It can feel odd to pace your living room or hallway, maybe even up and down the stairs. But even though it can feel strange to the mind, our bodies will still love the benefit.

pelvic lifts 

This is a great and easy workout that only requires enough floor space for your body. It will activate your core and back muscles. Doing pelvic lifts can also work as a nice warmup for more intense workouts.
Simply lie on your back with your hands and feet flat to the floor. Lift your pelvic bone in a thrusting motion upward. And repeat as many times as you like to warm those muscles or get a good burn going.

chair squat 

We love a good classic. And this is ideal if you’re working from a desk, dinner table, or even the couch.
Grab that office or table chair (or use the couch). This one simply involves a traditional squat, using the chair as a checkpoint for when to rise back up.
Add resistance to your squat by holding a weight. A traditional dumbbell will work, or perhaps grab a few books, a bag of potatoes, or whatever else is lying around the house that you can pick up.

set up an obstacle course

You knew we had to add in an extra fun idea for home workouts, right?
Well, this one is outside the box—but still inside your home (or backyard).
Your imagination can really run wild here. Use everyday household items or furniture—moving them around to set an obstacle course. Enjoy weaving around or jumping over various things to get your heart rate up.
And it’ll invigorate the many ways a couch, chair, or ottoman can be used for at-home entertainment.


be sure to fuel up

This list should just get you started. There are hundreds of home workouts available for you to discover.
Enjoy finding the ways that work best for you while also making the best of our time working at home.

All workouts need the right fuel to keep us healthy and fit. Explore everything from our complete cookie to our fitness variety pack and so much more at lenny & larry’s.
We wish you the happiest and healthiest workouts from home!