Maintain Macros while Keeping the Snacks

Maintain Macros while Keeping the Snacks

Do you recall the first time you heard someone mention the word ‘macros’?

Maybe you were just asking about how you might reach some simple goals you have for your body. And then you got hit with the science.

You were told to track your macros, but it sounded like a foreign language.

Many of us have been there. But tracking and caring about our macros has become more feasible and less technical than ever before. It’s no longer just for the elite athlete and nutrition experts.

And keeping our macros in check doesn’t have to mean giving up some of the tastier snacks in life.

We wanted to explore a little more into the macros world and discover some ideas to keep your macro snacking fun, tasty, and on track.


Super Quick Intro to Macros

'Macros' is the shorter (cooler) word for 'macronutrients.' These macros contrast to their opposite friends in the micronutrient—like vitamins and minerals. Instead, macros refer to the broader categories that identify our food. The most common macros categories are carbohydrates, fat, and protein.

Understanding how to come up with a structure for your macros largely depends on your goals. Are you trying to lose weight? Put on muscle? Get lean? Reduce the risk of diabetes or high blood pressure?

It takes a little work upfront to determine your goals and identify the correct numbers from your macros. Once your foundation is set, though, there are plenty of resources that make tracking and maintaining your macros super easy.

These resources range from the labels on food packaging to calculators. We even have apps that can generate an entire macros list for your food item by scanning a barcode.

A big part of nearly everyone’s strategy is macros snacking.

In other words, our macros go beyond traditional meals and include all the in-between stuff—macro snacks.

We decided it would be fun and useful to explore some great ways to find the perfect macros snacks while maintaining and succeeding at your goals.

And, yeah, it even includes macros cookies!  


6 Ideas for the Perfect Macro Snacks

From cookies to yogurt and a touch of meat, there are plenty of ways to snack with various macros goals in mind.


Lenny & Larry’s Complete Cookie

You know we had to start here. Lenny & Larry’s got into the snack game with macros at the center of our mindset. We wanted to maintain our macros goals without sacrificing flavor.

Our Complete Cookie plays a major role in this effort. With 16 grams of plant-based protein, our Complete Cookie provides a really great way to snack towards your goals.

And we definitely bring the flavors with this cookie.

Our Holiday Collection offers all the beloved memories for the upcoming season. The rest of the overall collection includes more than a dozen options—from Apple Pie and Birthday Cake to the classic Snickerdoodle and Chocolate Chip.


Snack like a macros pro!


Greek Yogurt

If you're trying to maintain low fat in your macros, there are plenty of non-fat or low-fat options for tasty Greek yogurt.

Some strategies even recommend snacking on low-fat yogurt if your macros structure includes higher fat—while saving the fats for larger meals or add-ons to a protein shake.

It’s a great and fresh option to work into your macros snacking.  


Mixed nuts

Nuts are a great way to get some fat and protein, at the same time, into your macros snacking.

Macros snacking with a handful of mixed nuts throughout the day is light on carbs and a perfect way to fill in the gaps as you’re keeping those macros in check.


Peanut butter protein balls

You can stick to a scoop of peanut butter in your protein shake or a spoonful to snack on the couch. Or you can discover the many recipes for peanut butter protein balls.

This can even include adding a few dark chocolate chips for flavor without knocking the macros balance out of wack.


Beef Jerky

If you’re looking for a great way to pack in the protein and fat elements for your macros, a classic beef jerky snack can go a long way.

This one is good for those who are also looking to keep carbs at a minimum.


Lenny & Larry’s Keto Cookie

We mentioned earlier that Lenny & Larry’s is dedicated to all sorts of macros goals.

If you’re looking to minimize your carbs, this is the perfect macros snack!

With only 3 grams of net carbs, our Keto Cookie will let you indulge your sweet tooth while remaining well on track toward your macros goals.

They even come in a variety of flavors!


Final Thoughts

We definitely can’t let you go without mentioning one more snack. These bite-sized wonders pack in the macros of our Complete Cookie but with all the crunch!

Be sure to check out our ultimate macros snacking option in The Complete Crunchy Cookies.

Lenny & Larry’s is happy to be on this macros journey with you.

Have fun exploring all the tasty and exciting ways we can help you maintain your goals!