Lenny & Larry’s pledges $150,000 to the National Park Foundation

Lenny & Larry’s pledges $150,000 to the National Park Foundation

We are big advocates of living an active, healthy lifestyle through our better-for-you cookies and bars, and this new partnership brings together the shared mission of encouraging people to be active outdoors.

Once upon a time, our entire world consisted of a seemingly endless supply of natural wonder. As time has progressed and society has evolved, that supply has dwindled. It's essential now, more than ever, to support our remaining natural habitats. In conjunction with the National Park Service, the National Park Foundation helps connect people with the wonder of parks and the resources they offer.

Preservation Through Activity

Our partnership with the National Park Foundation is more than just a simple donation or well-intentioned thought. It's a promise to protect these parks and promote them as places of health and wellness. We encourage everyone to visit their closest national parks for fun and healthy activities like kayaking, rock climbing, or wildlife spotting.

And for even more opportunities to stay active while caring for the national parks, there are many volunteer opportunities, including the Adopt-A-Trail program.

Parks for Health

While we could go on and on about how truly incredible our national parks are, we're most excited about the opportunity to share that sense of enjoyment with today’s youth. Encouraging kids and teens to pursue an active outdoor lifestyle will help promote both physical and mental health. And ditching the life of an urbanite, even temporarily, has been shown to provide several extraordinary health benefits like reduced agitation, anxiety, and depression.

If you’re new to outdoor activities and aren’t sure of what to do, a simple walk is a great place to start. Nature walks offer a serene experience that can clear your head after a long week.

No matter which outdoor activities you choose, the important thing to remember is that you’re actively choosing to better your health.

A Few of Our Favorite National Parks

There's no shortage of parks to get out and active here in California. Whether you're planning a visit to the Golden State for work or play or want to discover incredible parks right in your backyard, check out the National Park Foundation's park database for exciting new ways to add a dash of adventure to your trip.

Death Valley National Park

There's nothing quite like a grueling hike through Death Valley National Park to push you to your limits. With temperatures that regularly peak around 120°F during the summer months, careful adventure planning is critical. Breathtaking views and rugged terrain await both seasoned adventurers and novices alike. Apart from the trails, there are many different campsites and accommodations that can support families of all sizes. Experience the void of the Mesquite Flat Sand Dunes or whispers of the former volcano at Ubehebe Crater. Whether hiking or riding horseback, there's so much to see and do in Death Valley.

Lassen Volcanic National Park

The Lassen Volcanic National Park offers stunning lakes, ancient steam vents, and jaw-dropping mountain views if mixed terrain is more your speed. The terrain ranges from ever-persistent snowbanks to lush greenery and mirror-like bodies of water. A wide assortment of wildlife calls this place home, including black bears, various species of bats, and one of California's rarest mammals, the Sierra Nevada red fox. There's so much to see and experience, so plan your trip accordingly!

Yosemite National Park

In 1864, President Lincoln declared Yosemite Valley and the Mariposa Grove public trusts to preserve the natural ecosystems during the gold rush. On October 1st, 1890, Yosemite would become America's third national park.

Today, Yosemite National Park houses an array of different sightseeing activities and natural wonders like Yosemite Falls, North America's largest waterfall and El Capitan, the world's tallest granite monolith. Advanced thrill-seekers can scale larger-than-life rock formations while more casual adventurers still have plenty of experiences to be enjoyed, such as Giant Sequoia trees and diverse nature and history walks.

Returning to Nature

The passionate pursuit to fuel healthy and active lifestyles, both indoors and outdoors, is what pushed us to create Lenny & Larry's almost three decades ago. Our partnership with the National Park Foundation builds upon a shared commitment to people’s health and well-being. We know how vital national parks are in providing outdoor recreation spaces that contribute to a healthy lifestyle. Together, we encourage you to explore what wellness is and how to tap into it in America’s national parks.