Importance of Protein for Building Muscle

Importance of Protein for Building Muscle

Jumping jacks. Bench presses. Squats. Bicep curls. Pull-ups and push-ups. All of these exercises can help you put on that muscle you’re seeking. But you can’t forget the equally critical element - nutrition.

That’s right, what you put in your body is as necessary as how you exercise your body.

And protein is what’s going to help you build muscles!

Don’t get us wrong…veggies, fruits, complex carbs, and healthy fats are also important. But protein to build muscle is absolutely crucial.

Protein is your friend, no matter how you're trying to build muscle. Maybe you're going for a lean and long body type. Or you’re trying to achieve a bigger, heavier muscular frame. Each of these has a different approach to protein. But any physique relies on the nutrient.

Lenny & Larry’s has always had a commitment to refining and providing the best proteins possible. Whether you’re looking for a vegan protein or a powerful blend of plant and dairy proteins…we have your back!

Let’s explore the importance of our muscles getting the right protein.


The essentials of protein to build muscle

It would be pretty fantastic if we could simply eat more protein and build muscle. But we do have to put some more effort than that.

Exercise combined with nutrition leads to the best muscle development. But this extra activity does take a toll on our muscles. Working out creates small tears in your muscles that need to be repaired. Luckily, protein is there to help.

The amino acids in this nutrient help heal those tiny tears and restore your muscles to grow bigger, stronger…and ready yourself for the next workout.

Now, your body can produce certain essential amino acids, but there are some that it can’t deliver. And that's where protein fills in the gaps.


Ways protein supports the body and muscles

You now understand the basics of how protein helps restore muscles and allow them to build. But there are many ways that we can look to protein to build muscle.

Check out all the good stuff below!


Produce energy

Have you ever tried to work out when you’re tired or feeling low energy? It’s hard.

Sometimes, we just have to push through it and keep pursuing our gains. But there are ways to help that process along.

Critical to having the energy to generate muscle contractions (exercising) is a component called glycogen. You can limit the amount of glycogen that your body uses by reducing your activity to lower levels. But you want to build muscle, right!?

Adding that extra dose of protein will help maintain your glycogen levels so you can keep going strong and build muscle.


Feeling full

Proteins might be lower in calories than the typical carb or fat, but they still hold 4 calories of energy per gram. This is meaningful when it comes to feeling like you've had an adequate meal. That protein can even help you feel full.

Feeling that you've eaten enough is vital for managing your overall calorie intake. But protein does more than that. It also helps regulate your digestion and keep your weight goals in line with your muscle build.


Finding the right amount

Not all protein amounts work for all types of goals. The average adult will have one focus. An endurance athlete will have another. And, still, you’ll want to consider different amounts if you’re training for strength.

For example, a recommended daily intake of protein for a regular lifestyle and average body type is around .4-.5grams per pound. A healthy amount of protein per day for a person of 150 pounds would be about 60-75 grams.

Keep in mind, it’s usually a good idea to keep protein between 15-30% of your daily calorie intake. Although you may be on the high end depending on your activity and how you want to use protein to build muscle. Remember, always talk to your doctor or nutritionist to decide what’s best for you and your goals.


Final thoughts

Nutrition and health experts are also big on getting your protein throughout the day. Snacking and meal replacements are an ideal way of making that happen.

And snacks and healthy treats just happen to be our specialty at Lenny & Larry’s. We have dedicated ourselves to creating products that treat your tastebuds as well as treat your fitness goals.

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