How To Sneak More Protein Into Your Diet

How To Sneak More Protein Into Your Diet
Protein is everybody’s friend. Not just a select few.
It’s easy to think of high-level fitness or bodybuilding or professional athletes when it comes to increasing protein. But this powerful macronutrient is foundational for all of us.
And our muscles aren’t the only benefactor. Protein fuels our internal organs, bones, nails, hair, and even our skin. It helps us maintain balance in our fluid levels, sustain health vision, stabilize our hormones and digestive enzymes—and so much more.
Protein shapes and repairs our bodies for everyday activities and health.
And what helps us each day also helps our fitness. Protein supports recovery from injury and the grind of exercise. It improves our durability, aptitude, and balance—which helps us perform better, increase gains, and prevent damage.
And since it’s so good for all of us (in all kinds of ways), we thought it a pretty good idea to explore ideas for sneaking this fierce nourishment into more of what we eat.

ideas for eating more protein—all day long

Whether you’re working out, starting the day, catching a quick snack, or preparing dinner, there are many means for edging up your protein intake.
There’s even a place for protein in your dessert!


The food we eat for our fitness goals and workouts usually needs to be easy, quick, and portable. (And since a refrigerator is often hard to fit in a handbag, we kept this factor in mind, too.)
Here’s what we like for fitness protein needs:
  • Nut butters: Almond, cashew, macadamia, sunflower, pistachio, classic peanut, and on. You name the nut, and you can probably find it in butter form.
  • Trail mix: Easy to carry in a container or a baggie, you can find trail mixes packed with nuts, seeds, and a variety of other protein-packed resources.
  • Cookies and bars: The ultimate go-to for fitness is the power snack. A lot of protein gets packed into snack foods like cookies and bars. At Lenny & Larry's, we put extra effort into creating an exclusive fitness variety pack of our cookies designed with your workouts in mind.


It is said to be the most important meal of the day. But it’s also a meal we commonly do on the fly. Whether you’re the type to really sit down at breakfast or you’re more on-the-go, we have a few ideas.
If you enjoy sitting down with a fresh bowl of oats, try adding seeds, nuts, or maybe even a grass-fed collagen powder to punch up the protein levels. Smoothies are also a great way to blend in your favorite protein powder.
For those on-the-go, we know a cookie probably isn’t your first thought for breakfast foods. But it totally can be. We even put together a variety pack specifically designed with breakfast and added protein in mind.


Maybe you skip breakfast or just really like a solid meal in the middle of your day. There are plenty of ideas to slip a little more protein into your average lunch.
If you keep things light with a salad, consider sprinkling your veggies with nuts or seeds. We also like a classic egg-crumble on our greens. A salad can also be a great way to use last night's steak because it's a strapping source of protein, whether cold or hot.
Consider alternatives to bread and other carbs. Maybe you go with a deli meat wrap instead of a sandwich, or a serving of quinoa in place of rice.


Many of us have less trouble finding protein in our dinner. Whether we are enjoying a nice steak or a grilled chicken, a protein commonly finds its way into the center of our meals.
But if you want to mix things up, never forget about fish. Less often associated with protein, fish still pack a punch and diversify your selections for dinner.
Who doesn’t like topping a favorite food with cheese? Try melting some cheese with your chicken or adding it to a soup for a little protein infusion.
And don’t count out that you can still find plenty of protein in plants. Join others in trying a Meatless Monday. Plant-based foods like chickpea falafel, tofu, or a flavorful meatless burger can be an adventurous way to keep things exciting while not missing out on plenty of protein.

snacks and dessert

There’s no reason you can’t enjoy quick bites or sweet delights without protein goals in mind.
Carrying beef jerky with you throughout the day is an excellent method for added protein while snacking. Or, if you enjoy nuts, there are endless varieties to choose from and still get lots of healthy proteins.
Snacks and healthy treats are quite simply who we are at lenny & larry’s. It’s our passion and our purpose. We have dedicated ourselves to creating products that treat your tastebuds as well as treat your fitness goals.
Whether your fitness is designed for everyday health or more intense workouts, our plant-based fitness variety pack will provide the protein. Make a snack of our Chocolate Chip Complete Cookie. Or slip extra protein into your dessert with our Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookie.
You will definitely want to explore our website for a whole lot of options on sneaking more protein into your fitness, breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, and desserts.