Grab & go plant-based snacking ideas

Grab & go plant-based snacking ideas
Where does most of your snacking happen?

If you’re like most people, it probably happens at work or on the go. High-stress environments or being too busy to sit down for a proper meal can mean we’re more susceptible to snack time hunger pangs.

While many people will meander to the nearest snack machine or drive-thru, for those of us eating a plant-based diet the choices aren’t always so simple. 

Below are 10 ideas for grab and go plant-based snacks that make eating healthy even easier.

10 Ideas For Grab & Go Plant-Based Snacking

1. The Complete Cookie®

We consider Lenny & Larry’s The Complete Cookie® to be a winning grab and go plant-based snack. That’s because not only are these cookies plant-based and shockingly delicious, but they also curb cravings for traditional sweet snacks and are packed full of protein (to fill you up and keep you full). They are also Vegan and Non-GMO Project Verified so you can feel good about what you eat.
Lenny & Larry’s also offers the complete crunchy cookies, a tasty crunchy cookies with up to 20 grams of plant-based proteins.

2. Green Smoothies

Green smoothies are a great plant-based grab and go snack. Not only are they perfectly customizable to your macro goals, but you can also prep smoothies ahead of time by cutting and freezing fruits and veggies ahead of time.

3. Dried Fruit

While dried fruit sometimes gets a bad rap for added sugar, don’t let that steer you away from this yummy treat! Dried fruits are packed with healthy nutrients including fiber and antioxidants. Just be sure to check nutritional labels to avoid added sugars. You should also make sure to watch your portion sizes! It’s easy to over-indulge in dried fruit because of its smaller size.

4. Jicama and Salsa

Sometimes we just need some of that crunchy salty goodness—trust us, we get it. For a healthy plant-based option, opt for fresh jicama (a crispy, crunchy, white-fleshed vegetable) and some homemade pico de gallo.

5. Fresh Fruit

If you’re looking for plant-based snack ideas, sometimes it pays to get straight to the good stuff. Not only are fruits a no-fuss snack (especially no-prep-required fruits like apples, bananas, clementine, and grapes), but they’re also relatively inexpensive. Many types of fresh fruit can be bought in bulk—just freeze the extras for smoothies later!

6. Vegetable Chips

If you’ve browsed Pinterest lately, you’ve probably seen all forms of vegetables being turned into chips. That’s because it’s fun (and easy) to transform your favorite veg into a crispy, crunchy, better-for-you plant-based snack! Kale chips, carrot chips, beet chips, zucchini chips…Roasted with olive oil or air-fried—the choice is yours! You can even switch up the seasonings to satisfy your latest cravings.

7. Hummus & Veggies

Whether you make your own hummus or have your favorite go-to brand, this plant-based grab-and-go snack is especially delicious when it’s smothering your favorite fresh vegetables. Carrot sticks, roasted zucchini sticks, fresh peppers, cumber, cauliflower, or roasted asparagus are our particular favorites.

8. Guacamole & Veggie Chips

If you’re looking for plant-based snacks that are Keto-friendly, guacamole with veggie chips is a must-have. Creamy, filling deliciousness full of avocado and spices—this snack couldn’t be more mouthwatering. What makes it even better? It can be made in a big batch and frozen in individual portion sizes for an even quicker grab and go snack!

9. Roasted Chickpeas

Much like veggie chips, roasted chickpeas are versatile and easy to make. Rinse cooked or canned chickpeas, pat them dry, drizzle with olive oil, roast them, and toss them with your favorite seasonings. Not only will you have a great fiber-rich, protein-filled snack, but it will satisfy those snack cravings!

10. Granola

If you’re like us and have a sweet tooth that it sometimes feels like nothing can satisfy, consider stocking up on some of your favorite granola—or make it yourself. Just keep an eye out for too much added sugar, keep track of your portion sizes, and look for granola with unsaturated fats and protein for a more filling snack.

We’re Here For You!

Lenny & Larry’s loves being the plant-based snack of choice for athletes, life-lovers, health-gurus, and on-the-go-ers alike. Check out our huge selection of flavors in our shop!

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