Can You Eat Keto Foods Without Dieting?

Can You Eat Keto Foods Without Dieting?

Another day, another sweet, sweet craving for a tasty and delicious dessert that washes over you like a head-first dip into Niagara Falls. But how do these contemporary cookies and bars bode with the “non-keto” souls among us? Can just anyone have keto-friendly foods, or is the keto lifestyle strictly reserved for those who are on a diet?


Are Keto Foods Good for You?

Foods made explicitly for the keto diet are typically much lower in carbohydrates than non-specific keto foods. And while most foods do not contain the exact breakdown percentages of macronutrients required to make keto work, on a food-level basis, most keto dieters are looking for a low or no carb count. That’s not to say that high fat or protein content is unwanted; it’s just that carbs are what really make or break the entire point of the keto diet in the first place.

All this to say: Keto foods are just that — food. There's nothing about food with low carbohydrates that will negatively impact most people unless the person eating the food is trying to gain a specific carbohydrate ratio with their food intake.


Can I Eat Keto Foods If I’m Not On the Keto Diet?

Yes! A huge, resounding yes! Foods made explicitly for the keto diet are excellent choices for anyone who likes tasty foods. A keto-friendly dessert, for example, could make a great sweet treat and will have fewer carbohydrates than the non-keto-friendly alternative.

For those just wanting to consume fewer carbs, these are a great treat, with many keto desserts tasting virtually identical to their sugar-filled counterparts. People with diabetes may also greatly benefit from keto foods due to the lower amount of sugar within each product. Take note though, even without sugar fat content may still be there and while keto might make tasty favorites like ice cream or cookies a viable option, always take note of the fat content as well.

Many keto items also contain a nominal amount of protein that can help stave off hunger pangs and leave you feeling fuller and more satiated longer. This can potentially help in the weight loss journey as well as being an excellent choice for a mid-day pick-me-up.


Do Keto Foods Taste Good?

This is a subjective matter, and the answer will significantly differ for all individuals looking for the answer to such a question. At Lenny & Larry’s, keto or otherwise, we develop our products with the best combination of taste, nutrition, and convenience possible. Many people that aren’t on the keto diet are fanatical over Lenny & Larry’s delicious assortment of healthier cookies and bars. If you are on keto, we also have The Keto Cookie – Chocolate Chip flavor, and The Keto Cookie – Peanut Butter.


Who Are Keto Foods For?

Keto foods can also be popular with fitness-minded individuals due to their nutritional makeup, as they are typically higher in protein and lower in carbohydrates. As mentioned before, people with diabetes often favor keto foods due to their lower sugar content. And speaking of sugar, keto foods are great for those looking for sustained energy without blood sugar spikes that can cause the dreaded sugar crash.

No matter who you are, there’s probably a keto-friendly food out there that you’ll enjoy. And don’t forget about keto vegetables such as bell peppers, cauliflower, green beans, cucumbers, and more. Raw (or smoked) nuts like Pecans, Macadamia, Brazilian, or Walnuts are great nuts for keto (watch out for high carbs though).  As always, consult with qualified health experts before beginning any diet regimen to ensure it’s a good choice for you and your goals. Happy snacking!