4 keto traveling tips

4 keto traveling tips

keto traveling tips

Traveling. The word alone can make you feel anxiety, remember sweet memories, or get overwhelmed. From packing to planning to finally participating in all your fun activities, you already have a lot to manage. Then, thinking about keeping to Keto? It can feel daunting.

When you’re on the go, how can you be sure the food you’re eating is Keto-friendly? How can you stick to your diet and avoid bingeing on sugary or carb-loaded treats?

Good news: we’ve got your back. These tried and true tips will help you prepare for unexpected delays, eat out without blowing your diet, and manage parties and family gatherings with ease.


4 tips for keto traveling

Try these four favorite tips for Keto traveling.

tip 1: pack snacks

Before you set out for business or family travel, prepare more snacks than you actually think you need. We’ve all been there. Setting out for a quick trip to the mall, you find traffic-jammed roads, long lines, and extra stops keep you out an hour or two longer than you expected. By that time, you’re tired, hungry, and susceptible to tempting taco joints or candy bar grabs.

By preparing a keto-friendly snack ahead of time, you are prepared for delays that would otherwise leave your stomach grumbling and your self-control low.

tip 2: prepare a restaurant strategy

It can be stressful to eat out while away from home—especially if you’re eating with a large group. You likely have less control over where you’re going and are less inclined to hold up orders by asking questions. Instead of giving up and ordering your old-time favorite club sandwich, consider the following Keto restaurant tips:

  • Ask for olive oil instead of salad dressing

  • Swap grilled vegetables or a salad instead of fries

  • Switch non-keto friendly sauces for mustard or hot sauce

  • Create a meal from sides such as a side salad, an added meat, and a healthy fat

tip 3: offer to bring a dish

If you’re headed to a family or friends gathering and are not comfortable asking your host to modify the meal to fit your Keto diet, offer to bring a dish! This way, even if many of the dishes do not fit your Keto lifestyle, you know you’ll have at least one option to count on.

If you’re traveling for work or vacation and won’t have a kitchen to prepare a dish ahead of time, consider something that easily thrown together, such as:

  • Guacamole and Cauliflower Crips 

  • Cream-cheese stuffed peppers

  • Everything bagel dip with vegetable crudités

  • Meat & cheese plate

  • Store-bought 7-layer dip (just keep an eye on that pesky salsa)


tip 4: pack a keto-friendly dessert

Don’t let temptation and a sweet tooth get the best of you! Plan ahead by bringing a dessert that will satisfy your temptation without actually giving in. 

We love stocking up on Lenny & Larry’s Keto Cookie™, which have only 3 net carbs. These cookies contain 8g of plant-based protein for a filling snack. They are also grain free and gluten free!


Choose your favorite Lenny & Larry’s Keto Cookie™ that can give you extra satisfaction when you’re extra travel-stressed. For instance, if you love your grandmother’s peanut butter blossom cookies, bring a lenny & larry’s keto peanut butter cookie and a square of dark chocolate in your bag. If you’re tempted by the stack of chocolate chip cookies, prepare with a lenny & larry’s keto chocolate chip cookie. If you can’t say no to the mound of coconut macaroons, stash a lenny & larry’s keto coconut cookie in your pack. 


what are your tips?

Remember, everyone’s plan for success will look different. To be best prepared to stick to your Keto diet while traveling, try it out! Maybe you’ll discover a go-to veggie and cheese plate that you become used to bringing. You might find that the Keto Cookie is something you always have on hand. Know that you have freedom to try and decide what works best for you.

Then, one step at a time, you’ll keep to Keto success. You got this!