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Double Chocolate Muscle Muffin®

Double Chocolate Muscle Muffin®
Double Chocolate Muscle Muffin®
Double Chocolate Muscle Muffin®
Double Chocolate Muscle Muffin®
Double Chocolate Muscle Muffin®
Double Chocolate Muscle Muffin®
Double Chocolate Muscle Muffin®


Box of 12


Combining the rich taste of chocolate and the fluffiness of a moist muffin, there’s nothing quite like the extraordinary taste of our Double Chocolate Muscle Muffin. Filled with delicious chocolate chips and packed with protein, our Double Chocolate Muscle Muffin satisfies both cravings and hunger at the same time. Chocolate lovers, take one bite and you can thank us later!

Lenny & Larry's requires UPS 2 or 3 Day Select shipping for customers who order Muscle Muffins in certain states.

Note: Because our muffins are baked fresh, they ship on Mondays to ensure the best possible Muscle Muffin experience! Freeze immediately upon arrival to ensure longer shelf life. Please follow important handling instructions on the box.

Dimensions and Weight: 10.75” x 14.25” x 2.75 (4 lbs.)

Muscle Muffins are NOT vegan.

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Product Details

Nutrition Info

Fresh Baked Nutrition®

✔ Fresh Baked Flavor
✔ 15g Protein per Muffin
✔ 5g of Fiber per Muffin
✔ Non-GMO
✔ Kosher
✔ Low Sodium
✔ No Sugar Alcohols
✔ No Trans Fat
✔ No High Fructose Corn Syrup
We make nutrition fun!

At Lenny & Larry’s, promoting a healthy lifestyle --good for both the body and soul-- is at the heart of what we do and the inspiration behind our creation of a new category of food: Baked Nutrition®.

Other company’s protein products are made in labs. Their protein mixtures flow from test tubes and machines, are extruded into shapes, dropped onto an assembly line, and coated with quick drying frostings. The end result may be convenient… but rarely pleasurable.

Lenny and Larry’s is unique in the industry. Since 1993 (before the advent of the health food craze), we’ve focused on offering healthier food options through the use of traditional baking techniques that have been perfected over thousands of years. Our carefully formulated recipes deliver the taste, texture and satisfaction of real food. Each delicious cookie, muffin or brownie is fresh baked and packaged under the strictest guidelines to achieve up to one year of fresh baked flavor and taste.

But we’re not satisfied yet. In fact, we’re always experimenting with different delectable ways to provide the cleanest combination of quality ingredients to fuel your active body.

VTCBaked Nutrition

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Customer Reviews

wow... these are amazing... tastes like a totally unhealthy delicious chocolate muffin... I'll be stocking my freezer with these from now on!!!
By John M. on Jan 10th, 2017

I absolutely love these muffins!! I eat one every morning. The biggest problem that I have with them is trying to pick which flavor to eat. The chocolate is one of my absolute favorite. They taste like they should be super unhealthy.
By Kylie K. on Nov 23rd, 2016

... please make a vegan version ...
By Chris S. on Oct 18th, 2016

Tastes just like a baked desert! So delicious!!!
By Brooke M. on Oct 5th, 2016

These are awesome with my vanilla protein shake.
Gave them to the kids but did not tell them they were good for them. They love them!! They now look forward to having them for breakfast.
By Jeff L. on Mar 14th, 2016

Absolutely perfect. Tasted amazing. Moist. Delicious. Perfectly baked. Will be buying again.
By Melissa R. on Mar 11th, 2016

This muffin tasted like cake. It was moist and delicious!
By JByrd79 on Feb 15th, 2016
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