Triple Chocolate Muscle Brownie®

Triple Chocolate Muscle Brownie®
Triple Chocolate Muscle Brownie®
Triple Chocolate Muscle Brownie®
Triple Chocolate Muscle Brownie®
Triple Chocolate Muscle Brownie®
Triple Chocolate Muscle Brownie®
Triple Chocolate Muscle Brownie®
Triple Chocolate Muscle Brownie®
Triple Chocolate Muscle Brownie®


Box of 12


✔ 1 Brownie = 1 Serving
✔ 35% Less Sugar Than a Regular Brownie (Only 9g)
✔ 20g of Protein Per Brownie
✔ 20% Daily Fiber (5g)
✔ Less Calories Than The Original Muscle Brownie®

Taking chocolate to a whole new level, we present our Triple Chocolate Muscle Brownie®! Drizzled with chocolate and filled with chocolate chips, this chocolate brownie is every chocolate lover’s dream!

Is it possible that something so chocolate-y and delicious can also help feed your muscles? A big YES! Always pushing the boundaries of nutrition, we may have outdone ourselves with this Triple Chocolate Muscle Brownie®!

Packed: 12 — 2.29 oz Brownies per Box

Dimensions and Weight: 9.25” x 4.625” x 3.375” (2.5 lbs.)

***Muscle Brownies® purchased on our site are not available for resale***

Muscle Brownies are NOT vegan.

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Product Details

Nutrition Info

Fresh Baked Nutrition®

✔ Fresh Baked Flavor
✔ 20g Protein per Brownie
✔ Low Cholesterol
✔ Meal Replacement
✔ On-the-go Snack
✔ Amazing Taste!
We make nutrition fun!

At Lenny & Larry’s, promoting a healthy lifestyle --good for both the body and soul-- is at the heart of what we do and the inspiration behind our creation of a new category of food: Baked Nutrition®.

Other company’s protein products are made in labs. Their protein mixtures flow from test tubes and machines, are extruded into shapes, dropped onto an assembly line, and coated with quick drying frostings. The end result may be convenient… but rarely pleasurable.

Lenny and Larry’s is unique in the industry. Since 1993 (before the advent of the health food craze), we’ve focused on offering healthier food options through the use of traditional baking techniques that have been perfected over thousands of years. Our carefully formulated recipes deliver the taste, texture and satisfaction of real food. Each delicious cookie, muffin or brownie is fresh baked and packaged under the strictest guidelines to achieve up to one year of fresh baked flavor and taste.

But we’re not satisfied yet. In fact, we’re always experimenting with different delectable ways to provide the cleanest combination of quality ingredients to fuel your active body.

VTCBaked Nutrition

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Customer Reviews

So disappointing. I was pumped to find these because they were one of the few I could find that had no nuts in them. After not being available at my gym for a couple weeks they were in stock again. Good thing I checked the ingredients this morning as I was opening one. You changed the formula to now include ALMONDS?????!!!!! Wish I had checked before I bought 10 of them. They are not cheap. Thanks for nothing.
By Patrick R. on Oct 24th, 2016

So disappointing! I'm sure they taste great (I love the cookies) but they are not vegan and not ok for those with dairy allergies :(
I'm not sure why they felt the need to add whey. There are so many other amazing and delicious ways to get protein.
By Lindsay B. on Oct 18th, 2016

These are so good!! I do like the cookies but these are waay better, and better macros. Only annoying thing is that they have 650mg of sodium each, ouch, but seriously my new post workout snack
By lyudmilla k. on Oct 17th, 2016

Much better than the cookie.

This actually has whey protein which provides nutritional value (unlike vegan protein which is useless), and has relatively low sugar content.

The brownies also taste pretty good.
By Sanjay C. on Oct 6th, 2016

Loved these because it was one of the few treats I could have with a nut allergy... Bought a few at the store because I thought they were my safe foods. Good thing checking the package before eating is a reflex now, or I would have been hospitalized
By Mari C. on Sep 27th, 2016

The brownies are good especially when you have a craving. They have been unavailable for quite some time now. It is disappointing and I have had to look for other options!!!
By Spilloc on Jul 7th, 2016

I cant believe how good these are! The chocolate chip and the chocolate, chocolate chip are my favorite. Birthday cake is also good, but i cant wait for when my order of coconut chocolate chip arrives! These are good to satisfy that sweet tooth. I want to try the muscle brownies because if they are as good as the cookies, then you will have a long time customer!
By Jayme R. on Jun 18th, 2016

Great flavor, and excellent size. Not too filling, perfect texture. I will make sure that I purchase more in the future. Awesome product.
By Austin on Apr 1st, 2016

Of all the proposed goodies out there, these brownies are awesome!
I have an insatiable sweet tooth, and thanks to L&L, now I can supplement and enjoy.
By john b. on Mar 29th, 2016

Little chewy... and I guess it's okay if you're dieting and trying to make chocolate healthy... but I'll probably pass on these next time.
By Melissa R. on Mar 11th, 2016
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