Throw a Vegan Friendly Party
For many, the idea of having to cook for or entertain seems daunting, even if it’s just for our close friends or family (“yes, mother, I’ll set out the good silverware”).

Throw some vegans, guests with food allergies, and picky eaters into the mix and it can seem like a downright nightmare. Keep calm and dust off your cookbook (READ: smart device with Google search).

Throwing a vegan party can be done and done well, and once you know what to look out for, it only gets easier.
So lets start with the obvious. You're having a dinner party, but your main course won't include chicken, a grill full of bratwursts, or even fish. And no, nothing will be wrapped in bacon. But hosting a vegan dinner party doesn't necessarily mean a menu of tofu, lettuce and kombucha.

You're not hosting a bunch of dull dieters and you won’t serve them as such. To be honest it would likely be quite insulting, and that’s just not in the cards for you. No, you’re going to wow both vegans and carnivores alike.
*Fist pump*
No matter if your guests are fully plant based or enjoy their steaks raw and right off the bone, everyone loves guacamole and hummus. It’s a scientific fact--look it up. Plus, there’s a variety of dipping vehicles that are vegan friendly, including cucumbers, carrots and pita chips for those lovers-of-all-carbs. Most dips, spreads and many finger foods can be made vegan (if they aren’t already) and taste really great, if not better! Our motto? When in doubt, put all appetizers out.
If you’re going to have a main dish, consider offering some sort of a customizable meal. This type of setup will allow for everyone to pick and choose they’d like to eat; a no fuss strategy in our book. You can keep it casual with a salad bar, taco bar, baked potato bar, etc., offering various add-ins and toppings. The best part of this concept? It doesn’t really require any recipes or elaborate preparations. Score!
If you’re splashing spirits at your party (let’s be honest, all of your guests are hoping you are), make sure that those are vegan friendly as well. Beers and wines are hit and miss so it’s a good idea to look up the specific brands that you’re considering. You can turn to that search engine you’re so overly reliant on for this investigation, too. Don’t feel like putting in the extra effort? Forget the wine and beer and go straight for the hard stuff. Almost all liquor is vegan-approved! #themoreyouknow
Finally, no sane person would try to throw a party without some sort of scrumptious dessert. This is where it can get tricky though since dairy is totally off limits, right? Wrong. Just because society has brainwashed us into thinking that we need eggs to make our cupcakes rise and full sticks of butter to make them tasty, doesn’t make it true.  It’s actually easy peasy to whip up some cruelty-free desserts that everyone will drool over. How? There are plenty of vegan chocolates and fruity fillings available and items like almond milk, apple cider vinegar and dates to achieve desired results in both taste and texture.
Don’t feel like making dessert? Then whip out some Lenny & Larry’s Complete Cookies and you’ll be sure to satisfy everyone’s sweet tooth with Chocolate Chip, Double Chocolate, and even festive Birthday Cake flavors!
Again, throwing a vegan-friendly party doesn't mean your guests have to choke down bland, boring food with a fake smile. And this is certainly no way to get them to come back for round two. **Hey….. maybe we’re on to something here..... **

Simply take a little extra time beforehand to do some research. Countless resources are out there to help you throw a delicious and fun party…with no animals harmed in the making.