11 Things I Can't Do Because of Daylight Savings
Daylight Savings might not seem like a big deal at first. You're only losing an hour, right? Wrong. There happens to be a lot of things — very fun things, in fact — that slip away once March 12th rolls around. Here are 11 things I won't be able to do now because of Daylight Savings.

1. Binge-Watch My Favorite Show

Binge-watching is a very important part of my daily routine. Unfortunately, with that lost hour, I might only clock in 3 hours of watching time instead of 4, which you could barely call "binge-watching" at all! But as long as I get at least a little quality time with Jim and Dwight, I’ll survive.

2. Stay Caught Up on Facebook Stalking

Who's dating who? Who's having their third child since graduating high school? Thanks to Daylight Savings, I might never know. That hour I usually spend every morning scanning through my newsfeed before going about my day has basically been snatched away, and I’m not happy about it.
3. Press Snooze
Speaking of sleep, there’s nothing worse than waking up with one less hour. Pressing the snooze button a minimum of 10 times is a bad habit I’d like to keep, but it looks like it’s a luxury I won’t have come Sunday!
4. Snapchat Every Moment of My Life
Snapchatting is a crucial part of my life. I mean, what are my friends going to think if I don’t send them cute snaps of my dog during all hours of the day? But with that missing chunk of time, finding the opportunity to keep everyone up-to-date is going to be rough. ☹

5. Do Any Sort of Baking Whatsoever
It's hard enough to find time for some solid baking, and that's before losing an hour. Good thing I have a little stockpile of Lenny & Larry’s cookies to hold me over in case I crave something sweet!  
6. Take a Ridiculous Amount of Time to Find the Perfect Instagram Filter
Because of Daylight Savings, the quality of my smoothie pictures on Instagram is about to shoot straight back to 2012. (I was a late Instagram bloomer, OK?) Without having the time to run my pictures through VSCO or even Instagram’s filters for that matter, get ready for a whole bunch of unappetizing food pictures. I won’t even be mad at you if you don’t like them.
7. Make a Smoothie
It might be hard to Instagram a smoothie when I won’t even have time to make one. I only have 23 hours in the day…something’s gotta give. Not cool, Daylight Savings!

8. Do the Dishes

Clearly there just aren't enough hours in the day to have fun and clean, so one of those things will just have to wait — and there’s no way that’s going to be the fun part. Good thing there’s always tomorrow!
9. Have Daily Dance Parties
Dance parties are important. I mean, yoga is great and all, but I can have a spontaneous dance party at any time of the day. That’s the real key to stress relief. And when I don’t have time to relieve stress, watch out.
10. Procrastinate
If there’s one thing I’m good at, it’s procrastinating. Work, laundry, getting groceries — you name it. Unfortunately, with a lost hour in my soon-to-be future, there’s no time to waste anymore. Literally.
11. Take the Time to Find the Perfect GIF for Text Convos
My favorite way to speak isn’t through words — it’s through GIFs. But finding the PERFECT GIF for a certain conversation is an art form in itself and takes time — I’m not just gonna send any ol’ animated graphic. Come on, I have standards! But with that lost hour, now I’ll just have to forego them on that fateful day. Sorry friends!