The On-the-Go Lifestyle
If you’re like most people in today’s world, your day-to-day consists of waking up, rushing to get ready for work, sitting in traffic, barely having time to take a lunch break, commuting home, heading to your workout class or after work meet up, running your kids back and forth to soccer practice while trying to feed them dinner, etc. The list could go on and on.

Basically, your day is pretty exhausting. We are all trying to accomplish a million things so that when we go to sleep at night, we can feel good about ourselves. The problem is that we forget to take care of the most important thing of all…ourselves!

Often times, we are so busy trying to get all of our daily tasks accomplished that healthy eating gets put on the backburner.

We stop at the drive-thru on the way to work because we simply do not have time to prepare a healthy breakfast before we begin our day. We head to the office vending machine at 3:00pm because we are in need of a mid-day snack to keep our energy up. We choose a candy bar because our willpower is gone to make healthy choices and the options are limited. We get another Starbucks Frappuccino filled with sugar. But ultimately, the things we are putting in our body to try to fuel our busy schedules aren’t helping. Instead, they’re slowing us down.

Lenny & Larry’s understands that the modern lifestyle is constantly on the go. That’s why we've created the perfect, nourishing, go-to snacks for your hectic lifestyle.

As the leaders in Baked Nutrition, we create baked goods that not only taste great, but also contain beneficial amounts of protein and fiber. In fact, we’ve created a whole new category of food! With a fresh baked taste, The Complete Cookie, Muscle Brownie & Muscle Muffin use only the finest ingredients. Best of all, The Complete Cookie is Vegan and contains a secret blend of clean, vegetable protein to keep hunger at bay.

How would you like to start your day with a moist, delicious, blueberry muffin? Sounds great, right? Of course it does! But the problem with a standard blueberry muffin from a convenience store, drive-thru, or Starbucks is that although it may be tasty, it contains a high amount of bad stuff that doesn't supply your body with the nutrients you need to blast through your inbox. That’s not an ideal way to start your day. And worse yet, you’ll be hungry again by the time you sit down at your desk.

Lenny & Larry’s has the perfect solution with our Blueberry Muscle Muffin. Our protein muffins contain 15g of protein and 5g of fiber per muffin. Plus, they’re kosher, non-GMO, and contain no sugar alcohols, trans fat, or corn syrup. Not a fan of blueberry? No problem! They also come in a variety of other delicious flavors like Banana, Double Chocolate, and Pumpkin. Our Muscle Muffins are the ideal breakfast to chase away hunger and feed your muscles while having that fresh baked, mouth-watering, taste you love! Simply unwrap and enjoy during your morning commute or while dropping your kids off at school.

Instead of heading to the break room vending machine to cure the afternoon slump, you could reach for one of our protein cookies instead. The Lenny & Larry’s Complete Cookie comes in an assortment of out of this world flavors. For example, our Birthday Cake Complete Cookie is made with protein rich, golden batter topped with rainbow sprinkles for the perfect afternoon pick me up. Instead of crashing from candy bar sugar consumption or even a granola bar that seems healthy but is still full of hidden additives, you’ll be energized for the rest of your day with 16g of protein and 8g of fiber. You’ll also have saved yourself a stomachache because our protein cookie contains no dairy, eggs, or artificial sweeteners!

For those of you who like to hit the gym, we’ve got one more option for ya! Packed with 20g of protein, the Muscle Brownie will help you build those muscles. Don’t have time to go home and prepare a pre-workout, protein filled snack or meal? Grab a Muscle Brownie when you need to power through those reps. Our Peanut Butter flavor combines the hearty taste of peanut butter with our chewy chocolate brownie and the Cookies & Cream provides a delightful little crunch with every chewy, satisfying bite! If you're a chocolate lover, don't forget about our Triple Chocolate flavor. Whichever flavor you prefer, you can also eat our Muscle Brownie post workout instead of the typical protein shake.

No matter how busy your schedule is, Lenny & Larry’s provides the perfect go-to snack or meal to turn to when you simply don’t have time to prepare something on your own. You’ll get that fresh baked taste and nutrition (aka the best of both worlds) with our protein cookies, muffins, and brownies that you won’t find anywhere else. Try them, we dare you!

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