The Evolution of Spring Break
You measure life by the holidays you take and for many of you, Spring Break is one of the most exciting times of the year. Whether it’s on sandy beaches with sun tan lotion or backpacking in Europe, it’s all about choosing the right destination for the right time in your life!

From Diapers to Dress Up (0-16 years)
When you’re a kid, it’s all about the simple things. I mean, as long as you’re not in school, you’re on “vacation”, right? Go out and see the ocean, build sand castles, burrow in the sand….you can make an adventure out of anything!
Now is the time to run wild and carefree on beaches like Paradise Island in the Bahamas, Myrtle Beach in South Carolina, or Carpinteria State Beach in California. At many beach destinations there is kite flying, Frisbee, tide pools, boogie boarding, paddle boarding, surfing, and fishing. It’s one of the places that provides something for everyone.
On the other hand, you can ignite your imagination at thrilling theme parks like Disney World, Universal Studios, Legoland, and Nickelodeon Suites Resort.
You can also encounter animals in the wild at beautiful ranches, farms, camping sites in the woods or trips to National Parks. These sleeping bag, hiking, pony riding, animal watching adventures will start your lifelong love of nature.

College Spring Break, Gap Years and Solo Adventures (Late Teens to Early 20's)
Alright, you’re old enough to be considered an “adult” and your options have just opened up! Grab a few of your besties for your next Spring Break “friend-cation”!
I know, I’re probably scraping by to pay for your can you even think of going on vacation?!  But with your minimalist (aka broke) mentality, now’s the time to backpack across Europe or the U.S. without breaking the bank! It’s all about finding cheap hostels, meeting interesting people, and scoring the most inexpensive but tastiest meals you can find. Don’t worry, you’re resilient and resourceful enough to make this your most exciting vacation yet!

Destination Travel (Early to Mid 20's)
Now that school’s over, you’ve probably landed your first full time JOB! Congratulations, and get used to seeing steady paychecks that will start feeding into your retirement and fun accounts!
Go to New York for New Year’s Eve or Las Vegas for a glamorous getaway weekend. Or plan your first overseas vacation: a week in Paris, a Contiki tour of Europe, Carnival in Rio, hiking in Machu Picchu or learning to ski in Switzerland! If you can think it, go for it.

Honeymoons and Self-Care (Late 20's+)
(If you are married with kids at this point - you can also circle back to “From Diapers to Dress Up” for more options)
The Honeymoon is the one vacation that many people look forward to for many years. And why not? It’s the romantic time away that you get to spend with the love of your life! For this one, it almost doesn't matter where you go, it's who you're with. But wherever you guys decide to go, make sure to include a little pampering and a lot of quality time!
If you find yourself happily single, now’s the time to pick a destination that speaks to your self-growth. Whether it’s a meditation retreat in India, working at an animal rehabilitation center, walking the Camino, or learning to cook in France, plan a vacation that really makes you feel alive!
Empty Nest and Bucket Lists
Ok, you’ve done your time and saved up for retirement. If you have kids, they’re probably off to college by now and no longer in your charge.
Put those hard earned dollars to work with something that will give you long term enjoyment. You might choose to rent a large property near a lake, the mountains or other exotic destination. Perhaps you treat the family and take them on a relaxing cruise.
Whatever is left on your bucket list, start making plans to scratch them off one by one!

Every stage of your life requires the right vacation setting to match your own personal evolution. Don’t wait to go out and explore the world only when you “retire”, the time is now!