Meet Co-founder Barry Turner
This generation is probably one of the most health-conscious generations of all time. Most people now watch what they eat, but it wasn't always like that. Now that clean eating is the new cool, you can find dozens and dozens of better for you snacks in the grocery aisle. However, only die-hard Lenny & Larry's fans know that we've been around for a minute. It all started with two dudes who loved to work out and eat good food. Barry and Benny founded Lenny & Larry's waaaay back in 1993 with the goal of turning already yummy things (think baked goods) into yummy and nutritious things. And The Complete Cookie was born out of that philosophy.

In this article, Entrepreneur staff Stephen J. Bronner executes a great and insightful interview with co-founder of Lenny & Larry's, Barry Turner. You'll learn about how Lenny & Larry's got its name and what happened in the early years of the company, some of our challenges in growing, our vision and philosophy, and what lies in the future. Future entrepreneurs, make sure you read the full interview and you just may be inspired! 

To read the full interview of Lenny & Larry's co-founder Barry Turner, click HERE.