Love at First Bite Stories
In honor of this upcoming Valentine's Day, we've put together some wonderful Love at First Bite stories from some of our fans. Enjoy!

"I first fell in love with the complete cookie the night I had fainted in the gym....seems kinda crazy lol...I woke up in the hospital after fainting in the gym due to syncope which was when my blood pressure was too low and my heart didn't pump a normal amount of oxygen to my brain which caused me to faint. I remember my mom having the snickerdoodle complete cookie with her since the security guard at the hospital had a box with him and saw that I was kinda hungry but it was around 3 in the morning and no fast food around the hospital was open. I ate the snickerdoodle flavor and ABSOLUTELY fell in love!! I even remember the security guard laughing at how I looked when I ate it. I asked where he got it and he explained about the Vitamin Shoppe a few blocks away from the hospital. Ever since then, I've been crazy about going back to the Vitamin Shoppe and getting the snickerdoodle flavor each time. Pretty sure they run out every time because of me...LOVE THEM SO MUCH!!" -viuvea

"I remember the exact moment. I was crawling into bed after a long day of school and slowly unwrapped the chocolate chip cookie, took a bite and almost immediately it was gone inside my tummy." -emilyjolson

"I only discovered these a few months ago. But since I have, I eat at least one every day. I do private contract security & many times we don't have the option of having a lunch break. We have tactical pants on, where the large pockets on the legs accommodate the Lenny and Larry's cookies. I haven't tried a flavor I don't like yet. I tend to go for the birthday cake and chocolate chip. I truly have come to love this company and it's generosity. I've heard so many stories about how generous you've been to my friends, and it warms my heart to know that such a great company never takes its customers for granted." -Killian S.

"Fell in love with these cookies when I went on a first date a year ago with my boyfriend. We went to the movies and he had one of each flavor for me to try and eat during the movie since the movie theatre food isn't vegan friendly. Now we make it a tradition to have these cookies every time we go to the movies. First Vegan I had ever dated and even changed a lot of things in my diet based on new found knowledge and how delicious things are. Thanks for yummy cookies and yummy movie snacks!" -Keesha W.

"I was having one of those awful "mom-days" and I stopped into a local health food store to find a healthy snack to treat myself.... that's when I found the double chocolate cookie.... and that was that! I will forever be in love with the complete cookie." -Chelsea M.

Thanks again for sharing fans, and happy munching!!