Double Chocolate Caramel Almond Sundae
Double Chocolate Caramel Almond Sundae Ingredients:
  • 1 Double Chocolate Complete Cookie
  • Small handful of heated Heat Street Roasted Nuts: Butter Rum Toffee Almonds
  • 1 TSP Kroger (or any brand) caramel
  • 3-4 scoops of Dreyer's Slow Churned Yogurt Blends Fat Free Ice Cream

  1. Scoop 3-4 scoops of ice cream into a bowl
  2. Crumble or dice the cookie and mix in with the ice cream
  3. Take a small handful of heated nuts and mix in with the ice cream and cookies 
  4. Warm 1 teaspoon of caramel and drizzle over the top of the ice cream
  5. Enjoy!