Cookie Personality Quiz
What cookie flavor are you???

Take this personality quiz and find out which one of our delicious cookies suits you best. Have fun!!


1. When a friend spontaneously invites you out after you’ve already cuddled up in your favorite t-shirt and sweats you:
  1. Entertain the idea…if it sounds exciting enough you’ll give it a shot.
  2. Decline immediately. No one comes before Netflix and Chill…
  3. Jump out of your sweats and start planning your outfit. Finally something better to do than to rot on your couch all night!
  4. Hear your friend out and while thinking of the best excuse not to go.
2. Your company’s holiday party is coming up soon, you:
  1. Don’t get too amped about the party, but you’ll probably go. Seeing your boss drunk won’t be the worst thing you can do on a Friday night.
  2. Dread going. You will not waste a Friday night hanging around the place you get paid to tolerate.
  3. Jump at the idea of an office party. Finally, a chance to party while your job pays for it all.
  4. Decide you’ll go as long as you can get home in time to catch The Voice.
3.  When your birthday rolls around, you:
  1. Always make some plans for your birthday with friends or family. Just a little something.
  2. Expect your close friends and family to do the heavy lifting. It’s your day, and they better make you feel like it.
  3. Start throwing birthday reminders out a month in advance on your various social media accounts. You may even start a countdown.
  4. Always spend it with your significant other or your best friend. That’s all you need.
4. On Valentine’s Day you:
  1. Plan on making a nice dinner for your significant other or close friends.
  2. Patiently wait for the flood of love you’ll be getting on Valentine’s Day.
  3. Are texting sweet nothings to your friends and crushes all day.
  4. Could care less. It’s just another day.
5. You’re at one of your friends’ dinner parties. What are you drinking at the dinner table?
  1. Whatever the host set out.
  2. A glass of the expensive Merlot you brought over.
  3. Shots, anyone?
  4. Water.
6. Your favorite thing to do on the weekends:
  1. Relax. You would prefer some ‘you’ time above all but gladly give some of that up for fun plans with friends and family.
  2. Whatever the hell you want. You worked hard all week and it’s the freakin’ weekend!
  3. What’s a weekend? Your whole life is the weekend. Turn up!
  4. You don’t subscribe to “weekends”. Weekends are for kids. There’s work to do!
7. What’s your ideal pet?
  1. A playful dog. Is there really any other option?
  2. A dog, but not just any dog. You’ll take a white frenchie or a well-trained poodle, thank you very much.
  3. Your little brother.
  4. A cat. Quiet, clean, and stays out of your way. Perfect.
8. When you’re in a committed relationship, you:
  1. Do most things together, and make most decisions together.
  2. Are the dominant one. You usually find yourself getting your way most of the time.
  3. Committed relationship? There’s 7 billion human beings on this planet, what for?
  4. You and your partner have set roles. You’re pretty traditional when it comes to relationships.
Mostly A’s - If you answered mostly A’s, you’re the good ol’ Chocolate Chip. You’re level headed and reliable. People can trust you to make the right choice, and you care about other people, so you’re generally well-liked.  You’re confident in your own skin and comfortable being yourself. You do what you want as long as you’re not being a jerk. Just like the chocolate chip cookie, you’re always invited to the party and don’t need much to be a certified crowd pleaser! Yum.
Mostly B’s -  If you answered mostly B’s you are irresistible Double Chocolate Peanut Butter Swirl. You’ve got it all, and you’re not afraid to indulge. You never, ever settle for less, and you’re definitely not afraid to send the food back at the restaurant a few times until it’s perfect. After all, you know you’re worth the fuss.
Mostly C’s- If you answered mostly C’s you’re festive Birthday Cake. Hands down, you’re the life of the party. You’re on everyone’s guest-list, and you like meeting people just as much as they like meeting you. You’re positive, optimistic, and always down for a good time with good company.
Mostly D’s - If you answered Mostly D’s you’re comforting Pumpkin Spice! You love spending time alone and you love being cozy. You love the holidays, you think routines are refreshing, and color coordinating your underwear brings you peace. You’re super mellow, and you’re always down for a night of Netflix and Chill. Bring on the fuzzy socks!