Cookie Love Stories
Valentine's Day is just around the corner and love is in the air! In this blog, we asked our fans, "When did you first fall in love with The Complete Cookie?" Everyone has a story to tell and we've picked some of our favorite fan stories to share with you!

Found out about you on Facebook and Instagram, so when I found your cookies in a 7-11 I was happy and didn’t know which cookie to buy. Fell in love with your white chocolate macadamia and lemon Poppyseed cookies - Amanda C.

I saw them on the top shelf in the pharmacy department at Wal-Mart while I was waiting on my prescription to be filled. I bought the Birthday Cake ones, it was love at first bite! - Kimberlee G.

I fell in love with your cookies once I found out I was lactose intolerant. I was looking for a brand that sold protein cookies without dairy but none tasted good or had no dairy until I found your guys brand :). I fell in love with the snickerdoodle cookie taste and have been telling others I finally found healthy food that actually taste good and I can eat it because no dairy. Thank you guys for creating such a delicious cookie - Jessica S.

Discovered in Target about 4 yrs ago. my go to snack when I am out an about and need to delay lunch for awhile. Keeps me going, adds protein, which I am sometimes lacking enough of. - Ellie S.

Someone brought some to work put them in the break room and left a note that said, "Help yourself". So good. And yes, we all helped ourselves to them. - Misty C.

I tried it because I saw it on social media and fell in love with the fact that it was a cookie that wasn't super sweet, had a variety of different flavors, and I enjoy them all. - Shera W.

I saw a thing on Facebook and had to try them out.. Oh boy was I in for a pleasant surprise.. I bought my first package of Lenny &Larry's chocolate chip cookies and it has been a love affair ever sense. Shhh though because I wouldn't want the other flavor to know that I cheat on them all the time... I am not a very faithful one flavor girl... All I have to do is SEE the Lenny & Larry's display and I turn into this silly little girl, who acts all googly eyes and can't decide WHAT flavor she wants now... You know because THEY ALL TASTE SOOOOO GOOD.... - Donna W.

I fell in love with Lenny & Larry's cookies on a 5 hour flight to California. I packed different snacks from GNC and ate the Double Chocolate Chip cookie and was in love. I kept thinking thru the flight that I should have just packed Lenny& Larry's cookies. - Jessica P.

I fell in love with your cookies the day I went into the The Vitamin Shoppe in Brooklyn, NY last year. I was passing by and I saw your chocolate chip cookies. I loved the packaging. So I brought them. The next day, I went back to the store and brought the rest of the chocolate chip cookies. I was hooked after that. - Nia R.

I fell in love with your cookies when I was on a business trip and they just happened to have some Lenny & Larry's cookies stocked in the room along with other snacks and drinks. I had a sweet craving but I didn't want candy so I opened up a package of the Snickerdoodles and fell in LOVE instantly. They are now my favorite cookies. - Angie G.

Thanks for sharing fans!