Complete Cookie Stories
Let's face it. The Complete Cookie is pretty magical for a variety of reasons: it's utterly delicious, fits into many dietary lifestyles, and plays the supporting character in many great stories! Here are some of our favorites:

I work at a gym called sport and health. I always pack my meal prep when I work. To get to the break room I have to walk past the squat racks and free weights. It was about 7AM and I was craving one of the peanut butter cookies so I walked past these guys doing deadlifts, and walked back out holding my cookie in its packaging with "Lenny & Larry's" across it. They smile and said, "Kinda early, right?" I laughed and said, "Never early enough!" The next time I worked the guys were there again and gave me a box of peanut butter Complete Cookies as a thanks for having a good positive attitude in the mornings. :)

I brought one with me on a plane once, and took it out to have for a snack when they brought the drinks. The person sitting next to me said, "I'm sorry if this is weird, but I love those cookies too!" Then we actually started talking about health and fitness stuff and the ride felt so much shorter!

This girl in my class saw me food blogging once and she leaned over and whispered, "I'll follow you." After class she explained she's into food blogs and so she ended up following me and through my Instagram she found out I eat Lenny & Larry's cookies. She told me she wanted to try Birthday Cake. So the next day I brought her a Birthday Cake cookie and I slid it over to her before class and she slid back $2 and that mini "drug deal" (these cookies are like crack so...) began our friendship!

I had locked my keys in the car at the gym. While waiting in the parking lot for my buddy to bring me my spare, the love of my life struck up a conversation with me, and offered to share a Lenny & Larry's Complete Chocolate Chip Cookie with me. We've been together for 2 years and we're expecting our first child just in time for Christmas. Thanks L&L!!!!

I recently moved to the Philippines and I had planned to bring a box of Lenny & Larry's cookies with me but when I got here they weren't in my suitcase! Somehow I forgot them and I was so sad because I didn't think I'd be able to find them anywhere here in Cebu. I just happened to see a health food store while walking around a mall so I decided to go in to get protein powder. Lo and behold, sitting on the top shelf when I walked in was a box of Lenny & Larry's cookies! While transitioning to a new culture, it's nice to find something that reminds you of home. Thanks Lenny & Larry's!

I was sitting at a coffee bean eating my L&L cookie and a couple of young sisters were at the counter looking at the cookies. One girl looks at her sister and says, "They're vegan! Ew!" Then I chimed in telling them how delicious they were and they bought a chocolate chip one and LOVED IT!

After trying one Birthday Cake cookie I had bought at a local Sprouts grocery store I literally went back to the store the same day and bought about 15 L&L cookies!!! I was in love and couldn't wait to try more flavors. On my way home I saw a small family of 3 with signs saying "Need food and money". I had no cash on me but wanted to help out so I gave them all my cookies and went back to the store the next day to get more and they ended up being on sale!! I was in cookie heaven so I went ahead and casually cleared the shelf of 3 flavors I wanted to try. :P

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