Cole Sabe Success Story

One of our employees was vacationing in Northern Minnesota this past week and was sporting her official Lenny & Larry's jacket when a fan by the name of Cole Sabe recognized the logo and approached her. What transpired next was inspiring, as Cole shared how he transformed his lifestyle with the help of some delicious Lenny & Larry’s Complete Cookies!

Here’s his story:

Cole was finishing up his last year of Mortuary School in the Twin Cities and witnessed a lot of deaths due to unhealthy living. It was then that he recognized he was heading down the same path. Refusing to become another statistic, he began his transformation journey to a healthier lifestyle in September 2016. 

Cole joined a gym, paid attention to his meal portion size, and began making healthier food choices. He began to replace fast food breakfast sandwiches with protein shakes and deep-fried lunch foods with high-protein, lower fat lunches.

He started to follow popular Instagrammers and found that many were constantly raving about Lenny & Larry's The Complete Cookie so he thought he'd give them a try, especially because he loves sweets! He began to keep a cookie in his gym bag both as a treat and a way to avoid eating unhealthy foods. With this new habit, eating a Chocolate Chip or Double Chocolate Complete Cookie never felt like a chore!

In addition to controlling his diet, Cole also started to lift weights and do small amounts of cardio. With all this combined, he was able to lose 80 pounds!

This was certainly not the first time Cole tried to lose weight, but it was the only time he has succeeded. Cole’s secret? He doesn’t think he has one, but one thing that really helped was that he stopped trying to “diet” and just started to live like a healthy man should. He still enjoys his favorite foods but in much smaller portions. He works out 5 times a week and is committed to doing something “uncomfortable” every day.

According to Cole, his weight loss results came quickly because he believes the human body is 10% what we do with it, but 90% what we consume nutritionally.

“The first 70 pounds came off without much effort, outside of the change in my eating habits. The next 10 pounds were hard to get off and keep off, but that’s why I want to lose 20 more…I want to reach 100.”

Cole admits that as he loses more weight, it’s harder to keep losing weight but he feels strong enough to push his own boundaries and fight the lie that he can’t lose anymore.

Along with 80 pounds of fat, Cole has also lost the back pain that has plagued him for years, his horrible sleep patterns, and having to take medication for his acid reflux.

Although Cole still struggles with his eating habits, he tries to be better every day. One thing that helps is to drink at least half of his body weight in ounces of water per day. Soda is now only an occasional treat. The gym has become his favorite part of each day and food is no longer in control of his life.

We’re so thankful that Cole shared his story with us and that he was able to find success with The Complete Cookie!