Which Celebrity do You Eat Like?
What Celebrity do you eat like the most? Find out which celebrity matches your lifestyle the most by taking our Quiz!

1. What does your everyday breakfast look most like?
  1. When you have time, you’re pretty much All-American when it comes to breakfast. Bacon, sausage, scrambled eggs…once you decide you’re having breakfast, you don’t half-ass it.
  2. Big breakfasts are your thing, but you’ve got some rules. Omelettes must be made of egg whites, and the bacon must be turkey bacon. 
  3. Breakfast is no time to break your rules. A fruit salad and some vegan yogurt will do just fine.
  4. Who’s got time for breakfast?
  5. A protein shake
2. What’s your favorite food?
  1. Burgers. You’ll take a burger and fries over anyone, or anything, any day.
  2. Fried Chicken.
  3. Pizza
  4. Hot Cheetos
  5. Salmon
3. Which of these foods or drinks could you live without?
  1. Protein Shakes
  2. Champagne. You’ve had so much crappy champagne…
  3. Gluten
  4. Grapefruit juice
  5. Meat
4. How much do you watch your weight?
  1. “I care about my weight. But I’ve never really struggled with it because I have awesome genes, so I don’t think about it too much…”
  2. “I only watch my weight on snapchat.”
  3. “I care more about what I put it in my body, and my health rather than focusing on my weight.”
  4. “I go through stages. Sometimes I’m super motivated and I watch my weight like a hawk, other times I just don’t care.”
  5. “I care a lot about my weight. I hold myself to a certain standard, and my goal weight is very important to me.”
5. How often do you eat exactly what your heart desires?
  1. Once or twice a day.
  2. Only when you feast or celebrate.
  3. Never, you always follow your diet guidelines.
  4. Always.
  5. On Holidays.
6. How much do you agree with the statement, “You are what you eat?”
  1. Somewhat Agree
  2. Somewhat Disagree
  3. Strongly Agree
  4. Disagree
  5. Agree
7. What would you serve as dessert at your birthday party?
  1. Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream
  2. Red Velvet Cake
  3. Apple Pie
  4. Ice Cream Cake
  5. Flan
8. What do you wish you ate more of?
  1. Greens
  2. Nothing more. You already feast like a king.
  3. Healthy Grains
  4. Vitamin Supplements
  5. Junk Food
9. What’s your favorite fast food restaurant?
  1. Five Guys
  2. KFC
  3. Fast food? Never!
  4. Chipotle
  5. McDonald’s

Mostly A’s-
If you answered mostly A’s you eat just like Gigi HadidThe 21 year old admits to trying to eat clean as much as she can, but “to stay sane” she eats a burger whenever she wants.  She eats a lot, and eats whatever her heart desires for the most part. This itty bitty supermodel must have some good genes, or money (or both)!
Mostly B’s- If you answered mostly B’s you eat most like the key master himself: DJ Khaled. Khaled owns a chain of fried chicken establishments, loves soul food, loves red velvet cake, but he definitely watches his weight. Just ask his private Chef: He believes in feasting and eating well, but his omelettes are made of egg whites and he counts calories wherever he can. If you watch his snapchat you know, Khaled takes care of himself but he also wants people to know he does treat himself whenever he feels like it.  If you eat like Khaled, you eat like a king who has structure. That’s a major key!
Mostly C’s -  If you answered mostly C’s you’re Natalie Portman. The Oscar-winning actress is an outspoken vegan, and confesses to eating so clean she has to pack snacks wherever she goes. Her weaknesses are Pizza and sweets, but she never breaks her vegan, gluten-free diet! If you eat like Natalie Portman, you’ve got it together.
Mostly D’s- If your results were mostly D’s you eat just like mega popstar Selena Gomez. Selena is known for sharp changes in her body image, but she seems unphased by it all. Sometimes she’s thinner, sometimes she has a little more junk in the trunk, either way none of that stops her money train. She admits to eating what she likes, and indulging in Junk Food often.
Mostly E’s- If you answered Mostly E’s you eat like Ms. Jenny from the block herself, Jennifer Lopez. The Actress/Singer is known for her vegetarian diet high in healthy fats, and her love of fish, specifically salmon. She loves traditional latin food and loves feasting on the holidays, but she’s always watching her figure. She stays away from meat, fried foods, carbs and eats a lot of salmon to keep that glow going all year round. If you eat like JLO, you may have junk in your trunk, but it’s looking tight.