Ask L&L: Workplace Advice

This week on "Ask Lenny & Larry", we have a great question from one of our fans:


Greg from Houston, TX writes, "I just got this job that I really like. How do I not get fired?"

Lenny: First of all, be on time!

No matter what your coworkers are doing, make sure you always show up to work on time and leave when you’re supposed to...someone's always watching! When you officially accept the position, you should know your employer’s expectations regarding your hours and it’s best to have it written down on paper so you can refer to it in case you forget.

Larry: Seriously guys, bring your own lunch!

Food is a BIG deal, especially because lunch is the one thing I look forward to every single day. No matter how hungry you are, do NOT eat other people's food. That's just zero chill, man. Plus, there’s just too many stolen lunch revenge videos on YouTube right now so sooner or later, you're gonna be the star of the next one.

Just in case you're still confused, here's a short list of food that you should NOT touch:
  1. A container inscribed with a name that you don't recognize.
  2. Food items cinched with a knot you don't know how to tie.
  3. A pretty sack lunch that you did not bring with you that day.
  4. Anything that is not yours.

Lenny: Watch your skin exposure.

Even if your job promotes having fun, we suggest keeping all body parts in your clothes. Better yet, check with HR on what’s considered acceptable work attire and if that’s not helpful, survey your coworkers to see what they're wearing. Is anyone else wearing board shorts or a low v-cut shirt? If all else fails, take the first week to test the water and you'll get feedback soon enough!

Lenny: Don't nap at your desk.

Sure, we all get food coma after lunch, but napping at your desk is a definite no-no. And if you snore like there's no tomorrow, it's even less of an option. 

However, if you MUST take a quick nap, here's some tips to make you look less unproductive:
  1. Draw eyes on your eyelids so it looks like your eyes are open.
  2. Tell your coworkers you will be "deep in thought" regarding the current project for the next 15 minutes. And not to disturb you.
  3. Place your palms together and say "Namaste" just as you wake up.
Lenny: Don't look for other jobs. 

It kind of goes without saying… if you got a job, don’t look for another one at your current place of employment – duh! That means no job searching on the computer, interviewing on the company phone and/or using your cell phone to set up meetings. Seriously people… be thankful for the job you have and if you want to look, look on your own time.

Larry: Don’t Netflix and work...unless you work at Netflix

Actually, this is exactly the reason why I've always wanted to work at Netflix....but anyways, multitasking usually makes you less productive, not more. So try to avoid watching your favorite episodes of "The Office" while at the office unless you're compiling a list of things NOT to do at!