6 Times the Cookie Made History!!
Do you know how cookies changed the world?  When the Declaration of Independence was signed, you can be sure that those Founding Fathers celebrated with a cookie afterwards (there may even be some crumbs on that document).  Here are 6 other times the cookie has made history!

1. 2000 years ago, cookies spread civilization

2000 years ago an unknown Persian cook combined grain based bread with sugar (a recent discovery) and created one of the world's greatest inventions: the cookie! These sweet treats would travel the world with Persian traders, which eventually caused conflict with the Ancient Greek civilization of Alexander the Great.  So those bare-chested hunks were actually fighting about cookies in the 300.

2. Democracy 878 AD

In 870 AD, English King Alfred was fleeing Viking invaders when he was taken in by a brave peasant woman.  She happened to be baking cakes (which were probably a lot like cookies) at the time and asked him to help watch them while she checked for Vikings.  King Alfred, being a selfish monarch, fell asleep and let them burn.  The legend of King Alfred and the burnt cakes is taught in English schools to this day with the message: “Don’t trust kings and queens they’ll let your biscuits burn”. This idea lead to people overthrowing monarchies and voting in their own governments…all because of a burned cookie.

3. New York bought in 1626

Peter Minuit founded the Dutch Colony that was to become New York by purchasing the land for a nominal sum of $24.  How did he strike such a remarkable bargain?  Historians found references to Dutch bakers producing Krokia (or cookies) in the Americas at the time. Did they sweeten the deal with a selection of cookies?

4. The French Revolution (Democracy Again)

1789 Marie Antoinette, wife of French King Louis XVI, is famously claimed to have responded, "Let them eat cake!" when told her subjects had nothing to eat. This being a rough translation of 18th century French could well have meant cookies. This so enraged the hungry peansants and let to her eventual downfall.

5. Unification of Italy in 1860

In 1860, the great Italian general and hero Guiseppe Garibaldi unified Italy.  Six years earlier as part of a fundraising tour he visited the UK, where a company baked a biscuit in his name. The “Garibaldi” was made up of raisins held together in sweet cookie dough, symbolising how sweet it would be for the country to be united one day.  Turns out the cookie gave Garibaldi enough motiviation to get the job done!

6. Out of this world 1973

In 1973, the US Skylab became the United States’ first space station to orbit the Earth. This was the forerunner to the International Space Station. Astronauts took up the first cookies into space in the US Skylab, proving that the simple cookie could survive the rigors of space travel. Now the next step is to introduce the mighty cookie to other planets and even new lifeforms. After all, the best way to make new friends is to share a cookie, right?!
**Note: These stories are told purely for entertainment purposes. Please do not quote any of them for your next school paper!