6 Protein Cookies That Are Pretty Good For You
I'm sure you know by now that not everything that is packed with protein is necessarily good for you. But still, everyone wants to find that happy balance of a tantalizing treat that satisfies your sweet tooth without wrecking your diet or derailing your macros. Well, Men's Health went ahead and tried a BUNCH of different protein cookies and ranked them according to taste, nutritional information, use of artificial sweeteners, carb-to-protein ration, added fiber, and more. Then their panel of experts ranked their top 6 in this article (Spoiler alert! Lenny & Larry's The Complete Cookie ranks #1!).

Gone are the days when your best protein options included only chalky powders and cheap protein bars. Now, you have so many more options as many already delicious snacks have had protein added to them. And that's where Lenny & Larry's comes in! Instead of eating a bland protein bar that's been extruded from a machine, you can enjoy what Baked Nutrition tastes like....a fresh, warm cookie. In fact, many Complete Cookie fans love to microwave their cookies to get that exact experience. Yum! Sorry, but even the best protein bars can't compete with that. 

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