17 Best New Foods And Drinks
It's always exciting to discover new foods and drinks that turn out to be life-changing! Rather than heading to the nearest market and rummaging through every aisle, you can get the latest scoop on what's new and yummy through this special curated list by Brit + Co. They did the dirty work for you and highlight their ultimate faves when it comes to high quality and better for you snacks and beverages. In fact, you'll find 17 things you can try out this week and we bet you're gonna fall in love with at least one of them! (Hint: The Complete Crunchy Double Chocolate Cookies made the list.)

Most of our fans discovered The Complete Cookie with our big, soft 4oz cookies, but now we'd like to introduce the newest addition to the family, The Complete Crunchy Cookies! Just like the bigger protein cookies, they are packed with protein and fiber, but come as smaller bite-sized crunchy cookies. Tasting so much better than a cheap protein bar, The Complete Crunchy Cookies are also vegan (use plant-based protein) and Non-GMO! Give them a try and you'll see exactly why they made Brit + Co's list of "Best New Foods".

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