L.A.-based nutritional baked goods brand Lenny & Larry’s last month entered into a partnership with the Dodgers to sell its line of high-protein Complete Cookies at concession stands throughout Dodger Stadium. The deal is for one year with an option for the company to extend long term, similar to the pact it struck with the NHL Kings this past season. Free samples of the two most-popular flavors -- chocolate chip and snickerdoodle -- are being given out at various times throughout the season. The company is sponsoring 10-15 "Lucky Fan" giveaways, where select ticket holders will be chosen at random over the ballpark’s PA system. Lenny & Larry’s will also have banner ads and multiple 30-second spots on several of the in-stadium TVs along the concourse levels of Dodger Stadium, accompanied by signage at the concession stands where the product will be sold. LED ribbon signage will be prominently featured on rotational billboards throughout the ballpark, along with promo ads on the videoboards in left and right field.

COAST TO COAST: Lenny & Larry’s VP/Business & Legal Affairs Aaron Croutch believes teams and venues should be doing a better job promoting healthy eating, exercise and fitness. He said, “People are going to watch the top athletes in the world compete, but are eating hot dogs and nachos all the time.” Croutch said if the company does opt to extend its partnership with the Dodgers, he would like to expand the promotions to include on-field physical fitness challenges, such as a race from first to third base. Meanwhile, Croutch acknowledged as the company increases its presence nationally -- sales are up 76% this year -- he is aggressively pursuing sports deals in markets beyond L.A. Croutch: “As we continue to get a larger footprint on the east coast and in some of the larger markets out here on the west coast, the plan is to use these sports sponsorships to promote our brand. We are in the process of achieving that in some other big markets throughout the country. It is something that will be happening, it is just a matter of when.” Lenny & Larry's does not use an agency for sports activation, as all marketing is handled in house.

By Mark Bulovas, Staff Writer