Smart Snacking Resolutions You’ll Want to Keep All Year

Smart Snacking Resolutions You'll Want to Keep All Year

When midnight strikes on New Year’s Eve, we shed the old and welcome the new by making resolutions for an even better new year. For many Americans, this includes forming or strengthening healthy habits.

New Year’s Resolution-lovers ourselves, we’re sharing some of our favorite ideas for the best smart snacking resolutions you’ll want to keep all year long. 

1. Drink More Water

Most of us know that we need to drink more water every day, but do you (really) know why? 
Water is essential for the functions of pretty much all cells in the human body. What can it do? Imagine:

  • Improved energy and brain 

  • Decreased dehydration-related headaches 

  • Increased metabolic performance

There’s no question water is a hard-hitter when it comes to health and wellness. But what’s  even more? This liquid gold, sipped before meals, can even help prevent overeating urges.
So what do you have to lose? Challenge yourself to grab a water bottle before you head to work. Drink a few glasses with your meals. Take a few sips even as you sip your coffee. You won’t regret it.


2. Eat More Plant-Based Snacks

We all know it’s probably a good idea: eat junk food, enjoy more plant-based snacks. But can we actually stick to it?
Yes, we can. Instead of mourning the loss of your favorite junk foods as you make the plant-based switch, imagine the possibilities of your new snacking choices (spoiler: they’re exciting!) You’re not stuck eating plain carrot sticks and dry celery for your between-meals cravings. There are tons of plant-based snack options available. 
As a tip, when looking for pre-packaged plant-based snacks, look for ones that aren’t too high in sugar, have a good dose of protein, and have a hearty punch of fiber.
Our favorites, of course, are Lenny & Larry’s plant-based go-to: The Complete Cookies®. Lenny & Larry’s The Complete Cookie® is packed with up to 16 grams of plant-based protein, 10g of fiber, and are dairy-free, egg-free, vegan and NGP Verified. For flavors? You have options! Try the chocolate chip, snickerdoodle, birthday cake, peanut butter, choc-o-mint, and more. 
Plant-based snacks? Meet this sweet cookie hack.


3. Eat the Rainbow

Healthy eating advocates often tell people to “eat the rainbow,” and it’s no wonder why. When you eat a variety of fruits and vegetables in your diet, you’re more likely to get all the essential vitamins and minerals you need (plus throw in lots of antioxidants!).
But “eating more fruits and veggies” can sound dull and difficult. You might end up snacking on carrots… every day for a week. And then not know how to keep it up.
Try the rainbow. Challenge yourself to pick a color of the rainbow for each day of the week, and look for recipes to go along with whatever color you choose. If Monday is yellow, search for “yellow vegetable recipes” to keep you using vegetables you might not try otherwise. This creative searching will keep you excited and keep you on a healthy eating track.  


4. Keep a Food Journal

Some people may roll their eyes at the idea of keeping a food journal, but its impact on your healthy snacking habits are hard to deny. Keeping a food journal is great for:

  • Revealing unhealthy habits that might be preventing you from losing weight

  • Helping you detect intolerances and allergies

  • Helping you enact better portion control

  • Identifying food triggers (for instance, writing an article about snacking triggers us to feel particularly snackish…)


5. Keep Healthy, Filling Snacks Around

If you’re like us and tend to snack at work (ahem) or on the go, keeping healthy, filling snacks around can be a great way to keep your plant-based snacking resolution. Prepare and pre-portion snacks in advance so you can easily load up your bag before you head out the door. A good rule of thumb is to pair a fruit or vegetable with protein and fiber for a well-balanced snack that keeps you full longer.


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