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Decorate Your Complete Cookie


Yipee! Time for another contest! Submit your best cookie masterpiece for the chance to win a $100 Amazon Gift Card or $100 Lenny & Larry's Cash! Two winners will be chosen on May 10th so you don't want to miss out! Winners will be selected from the top 5 submissions and will be given either the Amazon Gift Card or Lenny & Larry's Cash at random. Happy creating!
CONTEST ENDS: 10AM on Wednesday, May 10th
PRIZE: 2 Winners will receive either:
$100 Amazon Gift Card
$100 Lenny & Larry's Cash

Winning submission by Erica F.

This contest ended on May 17th, 2017.
Submissions and voting are now closed.


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Look Grandma my name!!!
6 Votes
Homemade whoopi pies
By Josephine B.
1 Vote
time with my daughter
By candida d.
No Votes
Gingerbread Love
By Tamara B.
2 Votes
Doraemon is sweet~
By Erica F.
8 Votes
Hungry?Have snickerdoodle
By Julie W.
No Votes
love love love
By dave h.
No Votes
Have some milk with your
By Sandra C.
No Votes
Army son =deployment
By Michele B.
3 Votes
Yummy Cookie Sundae!
By Ashlyn C.
2 Votes
Pinwheel Cookies
By Sara H.
No Votes
Cookies with Nana!
By sheena c.
1 Vote
Chewbacca the cookie!
By Jennifer S.
2 Votes
Made for my husnamd
By Michaela G.
No Votes
Sunny day!
By Laurel
1 Vote
My son helping at X-Mas!!
By Mary W.
1 Vote
Almond crunch yummies
By Christina B.
1 Vote
By Courtney C.
6 Votes
Celebrating May The 4th!
By Jessica D.
1 Vote
super cutielicious
By Heidi C.
2 Votes
baby shower cookies
By dana t.
1 Vote
Whale of a contest!
By Carol D.
1 Vote
Sugar cookies
By Jessica P.
1 Vote
Nanny's Secret Recipe
By Misty S.
2 Votes
Babydoll & Hotrod
By denise p.
No Votes
Oatmeal Cookie Gummy Bear
By Katelyn C.
7 Votes
Go Spatry!
By Mark M.
2 Votes
The kids Christmas cookie
By Angela B.
1 Vote
Sparkly Explosion Cookie
By Amanda S.
4 Votes
puppies & cookies
By Kelly S.
10 Votes
Christmas Time!
By Holly L.
2 Votes
Granddaughter Decorated
By Barbara M.
1 Vote
Christmas goodness
By Lisa T.
1 Vote
My own vegan cookies
By Maya L.
2 Votes
Beach days here we come
By sandra c.
22 Votes
Completely Christmas!
By Terrell H.
3 Votes
TNMNT Sugar Cookie Party!
By Lindsay G.
2 Votes
Christmas Cookies
By Regina Z.
2 Votes
Husband homemade cookies
By Rose N.
4 Votes
no lie i ate them
By joanne b.
No Votes
Shaving cream Easter eggs
By Michelle V.
No Votes
Tastes great!
By Candace G.
2 Votes
Sweet Sugar Surprises
By Danna Bowman
1 Vote
Just a plain Choc. Chip
By Marilyn W.
1 Vote
My cookies
By Ashley B.
No Votes
Helping decorate the Chri
By Angel J.
1 Vote
Complete cookie kisses
By Licia M.
24 Votes
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