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Decorate Your Complete Cookie


Yipee! Time for another contest! Submit your best cookie masterpiece for the chance to win a $100 Amazon Gift Card or $100 Lenny & Larry's Cash! Two winners will be chosen on May 10th so you don't want to miss out! Winners will be selected from the top 5 submissions and will be given either the Amazon Gift Card or Lenny & Larry's Cash at random. Happy creating!
CONTEST ENDS: 10AM on Wednesday, May 10th
PRIZE: 2 Winners will receive either:
$100 Amazon Gift Card
$100 Lenny & Larry's Cash

Winning submission by Erica F.

This contest ended on May 17th, 2017.
Submissions and voting are now closed.


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Sweet Sugar Surprises
By Danna Bowman
1 Vote
time with my daughter
By candida d.
No Votes
Have some milk with your
By Sandra C.
No Votes
Pinwheel Cookies
By Sara H.
No Votes
Shaving cream Easter eggs
By Michelle V.
No Votes
Hungry?Have snickerdoodle
By Julie W.
No Votes
Cookies with Nana!
By sheena c.
1 Vote
Made for my husnamd
By Michaela G.
No Votes
baby shower cookies
By dana t.
1 Vote
The kids Christmas cookie
By Angela B.
1 Vote
Completely Christmas!
By Terrell H.
3 Votes
super cutielicious
By Heidi C.
2 Votes
By Courtney C.
6 Votes
Nanny's Secret Recipe
By Misty S.
2 Votes
puppies & cookies
By Kelly S.
10 Votes
Go Spatry!
By Mark M.
2 Votes
My son helping at X-Mas!!
By Mary W.
1 Vote
Almond crunch yummies
By Christina B.
1 Vote
Doraemon is sweet~
By Erica F.
8 Votes
My own vegan cookies
By Maya L.
2 Votes
Christmas Cookies
By Regina Z.
2 Votes
Gingerbread Love
By Tamara B.
2 Votes
Chewbacca the cookie!
By Jennifer S.
2 Votes
Christmas Time!
By Holly L.
2 Votes
My cookies
By Ashley B.
No Votes
Look Grandma my name!!!
6 Votes
Sugar cookies
By Jessica P.
1 Vote
Helping decorate the Chri
By Angel J.
1 Vote
Husband homemade cookies
By Rose N.
4 Votes
Celebrating May The 4th!
By Jessica D.
1 Vote
Sunny day!
By Laurel
1 Vote
Christmas goodness
By Lisa T.
1 Vote
Homemade whoopi pies
By Josephine B.
1 Vote
Oatmeal Cookie Gummy Bear
By Katelyn C.
7 Votes
Yummy Cookie Sundae!
By Ashlyn C.
2 Votes
TNMNT Sugar Cookie Party!
By Lindsay G.
2 Votes
no lie i ate them
By joanne b.
No Votes
Babydoll & Hotrod
By denise p.
No Votes
love love love
By dave h.
No Votes
Beach days here we come
By sandra c.
22 Votes
Army son =deployment
By Michele B.
3 Votes
Complete cookie kisses
By Licia M.
24 Votes
Sparkly Explosion Cookie
By Amanda S.
4 Votes
Just a plain Choc. Chip
By Marilyn W.
1 Vote
Whale of a contest!
By Carol D.
1 Vote
Granddaughter Decorated
By Barbara M.
1 Vote
Tastes great!
By Candace G.
2 Votes
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