Crunchy Variety Pack

Crunchy Variety Pack
We really outdid ourselves with this one. These cookies are compact in size, but they are stacked with powerful nutrition.
And what more? Well, you can get multiple flavors in our new crunchy variety pack!
lenny & larry’s has been committed to bringing you the best cookies since we started—all the way back in 1993. Nearly three decades of delicious (and nutritious!) delights. Now, you can enjoy the same high-powered ingredients of the complete cookie in a bite-size package.
What’s better than quickly tossing a delicious, crispy nibble into your mouth?
Knowing that it’s overflowing with protein and fiber, that’s what! (To be exact, that’s 6 grams of protein and 4 grams of fiber in every bag.)
Go ahead, turn the bag upside down and enjoy every last crumb. Totally guilt-free.
Not only do these beautiful bits come chock-full of nutrition—they are also made from the cleanest, high-quality ingredients. They are entirely plant-based and 100% vegan.
‘No’ can be a great word when it comes to healthy ingredients. Our cookies use no cholesterol, no soy, no dairy, and no egg.
Want kosher or Non-GMO Certified, too? No problem!
And now you no longer have to decide on one flavor. Get two of our favorite flavors in this one Crunchy Variety Pack.

why is the crunchy variety pack so(ooo) great?

We’re glad you asked.
With two flavors in one pack, we calculate these crunchy cookies' greatness to be (approximately) double the fun.
But we do cookies—not math.
You can determine for yourself just how many times the fun is multiplied.
Just wait, though. What if you found out the variety pack includes chocolate chip AND double chocolate?
The math starts to get complicated, but that’s a whole lot of extra chocolate.
On top of this multiplying greatness, you have a cookie that can provide you fuel.
Maybe you need a little extra boost in the morning. Perhaps you’re looking to get things going for a workout. You might just need some extra energy in the middle of your work. Or your brain requires stamina for the school day.
The plant-based protein in these mighty morsels will give you precisely what you need to fuel any activity. You also want to make sure that all this fuel is clean and healthy. We got you covered there, too.
Our complete crunchy cookie has no cholesterol and ZERO grams of trans fat. We also refuse to use high fructose corn syrup—and no artificial flavors or sugar alcohols.
We didn’t stop there. These crunchy creations have NO cholesterol!
You don’t have to fuss over unhealthy ingredients or missing out on protein and nutrition in your snacks. Because we did all the fussing for you. We dedicated ourselves to making sure we never lost terrific taste and texture when we got rid of all the gross (unhealthy) stuff.
So, go ahead, indulge the craving and the crunch—without the guilt.

our crunchy variety pack flavors?

The Crunchy Variety Pack is new to lenny & larry’s, but we have been dedicated to the best quality and most healthy snacks for decades. We took all of that experience and poured it into our Complete Crunchy Cookies.
You’ll get all the plant-based protein of our classic Complete Cookies, with even more variety to choose from.

chocolate chip 

We almost can’t talk about cookies without talking about the chocolate chip cookie. Lenny & Larry’s wanted to respect that long tradition with our Complete Crunchy Cookie version of this decadent treat.
Each cookie is sprinkled with lots of creamy chocolate chips and rich with plant-based proteins. They are made with pure joy.
And when you experience that incredible crunch and taste, you’ll know exactly what we mean.  

double chocolate

Sometimes you need twice as much to get precisely what you need. So, we doubled-down on the chocolate in this cookie. And we bet you’ll believe it’s just the right amount.
This crunchy plant-based protein treat balances the rich taste of cocoa with classic chocolate chips. And finishing the whole bag will give you as much nutrition as taste!

get your complete protein needs in one (crunchy) pack

lenny and larry’s was founded on the idea that we all should get a complete protein from our snacks without sacrificing taste and fun. 
Well, this new edition of our cookies might be smaller, but they battle other boring snacks.
Explore multiple flavors to find a plant-based protein that will fuel all your activities (and excitement!) in our new crunchy variety pack